New Fortnite Music does not match the tone of the game.

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Aside from the "pick hero" lobby music, which I think gives lighthearted/awesome "save the world" vibe before any mission, I think the rest of the new music arrangement across the game really does not work.

The main menu music is awful and does not feel like it belongs in a game based around the end of an already apocalyptic world being held back by a hopeful few. While I don't mind the in-game "exploration" music too much the combat music just feels wrong. It feels like its from another game entirely, a game that has nothing to do with holding back hordes of hollow remnants of what was once the human race.

I also think there should be various tiers of music when it comes to combat. The loud burst of combat music that comes with encountering a single husk should not be the same as what comes with attacking an entire encampment (which could do with a name change to be honest, but I get all the voice acting has been done already).


Please understand that I don't think the music is bad on its own, but I just doesn't feel it belongs in Fortnite Save the World Mode… especially since the Holiday event conveyed how the world is truly broken by the terrible events that take place in the start of the game. The characters in the game get that some serious shit has and is still going down and are doing the best that they can to stay positive… and while I expect the game music to have a bit of levity to it for the sake of fun the overall tone of the story should still be taken in to account.

Currently, the music breaks the immersion almost instantaneously.

Love the Events tho, they are the only things making me keep coming back for more.

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