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FortniteBattleRoyale6 - New Gadgets Ideas

Turns into Driftboard. Adds ability to shoot and ride. Adds ability to gather on the go.

Sacrifice either adrenaline rush or hover turret for mobility. Breaks when receiving too much damage or fall from great height and enters cooldown.

Hoverboard turns into a gadget. Classes like certain Ninjas and Outlanders almost never use hoverboard, making it a waste. Adding the ability to shoot and ride, some soldier classes might give up hover turrets for extra mobility in combat. It doesn't make the user invincible as Blaster and cowboy husk can still hit them.

More charge usage, shorter cooldown, longer range, faster travel or even fall damage negation. Or if crazier, ability to pull husk toward you, or pull yourself to a husk. Get ready to fall to death when grappled to a husk that is launched off the map.

No damage, No heal, and can't attack while grappler is out. Can switch to weapon midair tho, so get ready for grappler no scope.

Makes traveling around buildings or caves easier. Pretty much a mobility item. If used to pull husk toward you, be mindful of your charges. Charges works like phase shift cooldown. Pulling husk works like knock back. You won't be able to pull a smasher on the first try.

Blackhole Cube
Bigger area of effect. Shorter cooldown. Adds ability to clear propaine.

No damage, no healing. Basically used to farm. And clear propaine and materials in trap tunnel.

Replace the supply drop in-game. The supply drop in-game is pretty boring, basically just wait for cooldown and press a button. This works like the recycling cube in the game Prey, the new one. It gathers all the material in an area. What about Anti-material charge? Well, this allows you to farm double as fast. Get ready for Striker AC with this gadget. Also works as a blackhole that can pull all the husks in an area toward the center, giving it a bit of combat usage. Soldier with weak grenade, constructor with bull rush, short-range Anti-material charge, short-range dragon slash, even crescent kick can all benefit from this. Can also clear propaine and gather material in trap tunnels without setting them off.

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Upgrade: More fuel. Faster cooldown. More boost.

Sacrifice damage and heal for utility.

Helps with building. Escape beehives. Faster movement speed and jump height when equip. You can shoot and hover unlike grappler.

Dynamite or Reworked Airstrike
Bigger area of effect. Shorter cooldown. More charges. Stronger building damage.

Sets off propaine. Not as strong as hover turret dps wise.

Used to clear buildings or basic husks. Anyone without the Obliterator or Anti-material charge cant effectivly clear buildings that are blocking husk spawns or the objective. Even with those two, small debris still remains. Use dynamites to clear it all. It doesn't have to be dynamite, can also be airstrike reworked.

These are some ideas for new gadgets I thought of. Its just some ideas I thrown together. Be sure to share your idea below or how you think my ideas can be better balanced. I try to make the gadgets more engaging and a viable option comparing to hover turret or adrenaline rush.

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