New Gameplay Reperk from future Ventures introduces many new 6th perk options for various weapons

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - New Gameplay Reperk from future Ventures introduces many new 6th perk options for various weapons

Looking at the recent Homebase Status Report, we learn that one of the new rewards for participating in them will reward us with new Resources, one of them being something called a Gameplay Reperk(listed as 'Core RE-PERK!' In-game); this allows us to change the 6th Perk of an item to something more favorable such as Affliction to Snare or Headshot Explosion to Headshot Damage Bonus.

But looking through the perks of various weapons, I learned that some weapons, namely event ones, are given extra 6th Perks that weren't possible before. Notable ones I found while sifting through all my schematics are:

  • Black Metal Weapons, the weapons notorious for sacrificing your Health for a damage boosted explosion, can now be given a new perk: "Weapon hits deal 44% bonus damage against Nature elemental enemies"

  • Boom Bow can be given Snare

  • Hydraulic Weapons can be given "Stunning or Knocking back an enemy deals them 12 base damage" OR "Increase Impact by 25%. Stun duration increased by 1s." OR "+25% Impact & Knockback Magnitude" (+more depending on the weapon); sadly, Tsunami did not get any of these & instead got "On hit, bullet splinters into shrapnel, dealing 40% damage in a cone behind target(1.5 second cooldown)", would have been amazing if it had access to increased Impact or Stunning/Knocking deals 12 base damage. For now, Compression Bow has access to these 2 perks.

  • Vacuum Tube weapons have a new 6th perk; "Eliminating an enemy with this weapon causes chain lightning to strike up to 6 enemies." for Ranged weapons, "Weapon hits deal 44% bonus damage against Water elemental enemies." for Melee weapons(some Ranged weapons can have the bonus damage like the Launcher & melee can have both)

  • Founder's Weapons can have their unique early perk swapped out for many different stat choices(i.e. made into a generic Epic Schematic)

  • Many Base Game Weapons have access to new 6th perks, notably recent Event Schematic perks(ex. Shrapnel splinter, standing still increases X, +25% Impact/Knocback magnitude, etc)

  • Frostbite Sniper can be given "Critical Hits Snare the target & nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Can only ocur every 5 seconds." OR "Weapon hits deal 44% bonus damage against Fire elemental enemies" (shame they didn't give it a Freeze perk)

  • New 6th perk for some Melee weapons; "Critical hits with this weapon cause an explosion, damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles for 43 base damage."

  • Dragon Weapons have access to new perks such as "Weapon hits deal 44% bonus damage against Nature elemental enemies." OR "Landing 5 hits in a row on a single target causes a small explosion damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles of the target for 70% damage."

  • Candycorn LMG & Ginger Blaster can have their unique healing item perk swapped for something else(dunno why'd you do that, though)

  • Neon Sniper Rifle can be given either "Headshot eliminations cause an explosion, damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles for 30% weapon damage." OR "Standing in place for 2 seconds grants 11% Damage. Stacks up to 5 times. Moving from that position removes the effect completely."; in my opinion, either is better than the old perk

There are probably a lot more I didn't go through, so go check your schematics & see for yourself the many different possible combinations that there are now.

I'm still burned by the last Homebase Status Report, especially this one with the apparent exclusion of Birthday Llamas, but this sparks a little bit of hope that I see as fun for the game again. I just hope the new resource doesn't take forever to get, I have a lot of weapons I want to change their 6th perks like the Neon Sniper Rifle, Black Metal stuff, & the Compression Bow.

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