New hero’s class: Technician

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Hero Class : Technician

Technicians provide support for the team with combat materials and technical support.

Main Abilities

  • Anti-Personnel Turret {100 energy} – Deploys a stationary free standing turret that fires 3 rounds per second at enemies within 4 tile range and deals 20 damage per rounds. Extremely fragile and can quickly overheat, which need the intervention of a player to cooldown.
  • Ammo crate {50 energy} – Cooldown: 180 seconds. Call in a supply drop that includes 10% of the maximum amount of each ammo type.
  • Zone Shield {30 energy} – Cooldown: 120 seconds. Duration : 25 seconds. Deploy a large spherical shield of 1 tile radius in which only player can go through. Enemies can attack it to weaken it and eventually destroy it.
  • Net trap {40 energy} – Cooldown: 75 seconds. Duration: 15 seconds. Deploys a 3×3 ground net which slows down and deals 20 base damage per 0.5 seconds on enemies walking over it. The net takes the shape of the landscape.

Extra abilities

  • Maintenance : All player's weapon in a radius of 5 tiles around you takes 50% less durability damage.
  • Barbed wire : Zone shield will deal a base of 25 energy damage to any enemy that attacks them in melee and last 5 seconds longer.
  • Eagle's nest : Increases sniper damage by 24%.
  • Eagle's luck : Increases critical rating with sniper by 18%.
  • Super glue : The net trap deals energy damage and has a 25% chance of stalling enemies on place for 3 seconds. Net trap last 5 seconds longer.

About that

I'm asking all of you to suggest ideas for more abilities that would suit this class.

Let's make this happen!

How would you improve it?

Also, I'm not good with graphism, so if one of you is inspired to provide an illustration of this class with a nice in-game template to represent it, that would be awesome!

I really love this game, but it definitively needs new things such as new objective types, new environnement and new classes.

ps. I'm francophone, so please be constructive with my wordings!

All suggestions will be considered. Post will be updated!

See you in TP!

Taupe (Billy9402)


  • Changed ammo quantitity in the supply from 100 to 10% of the maximum of each ammo type.

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