New mission clear type suggestion.

FortniteBattleRoyale7 - New mission clear type suggestion.

A suggestion to expand upon how you can clear the mission.

Currently, almost all of the missions minus certain SSD rounds follow the same clear condition: Survive the horde for X amounts of time. As fun as it is, it does get stale rather easily with the player basically having to do the same thing over and over again.

In the past, I suggested a new type of dungeon game mode which the devs actually implemented in the game (whether they actually saw my post or not) and it was a lot of fun! Although without having access to new and different missions other than the core 4 dungeons just repeats the same boring process all over again, so here is my suggestion:

  • for the regular "Defend the Objective" mission, I propose two new mission clear types:
  1. Kill certain amount of Mist Monsters

  2. Kill the Boss

• For the first clear type, players will be tasked with having to clear a certain amount of mist monsters that will spawn during the attack. Normal enemies will spawn indefinitely, but mist monsters will only spawn for a set amount, with said amount being conveyed to the players before the start of the round.

For example: say you need to defend a house full of survivors. Before you start, the mission information will tell you that there will be 4 Flingers, 8 Takers, 5 Blasters, and 3 Smashers. They will spawn in an increments of 3, with further mist monsters only spawning when the previous ones had died. The monsters will also be accompanied with an endless numbers of normal husks, husklings, husky husks and shield husks that spawn indefinitely. After the player had successfully killed the last mist monster, no more new enemies will spawn, and they will have to kill the remaining normal enemies to clear the mission


• For the second clear type, players will have to defend against a special boss-type enemy which have their own unique ability, skills and gimmicks. Keep in mind that we are not talking about the Mini-boss mist monsters that are just buffed versions of the normal ones, but an actual boss similar to the storm king. In this mode, normal husks will spawn indefinitely with an occasional sprinkle of mist monsters added in. The player will need to both defend the base while also trying to deal as much damage to the boss to fell it.

For example, say you need to defend a single unique atlas. At the start, a few small fries will spawn which you may need to kill, but after a while, the boss will spawn, along with an introductory cutscene. This boss will fly around the base at a certain range, throwing attacks that either damage the player, or disrupt the traps placed by the player. To clear the mission, they will have to deal damage to the boss until it dies. Finally after the boss is defeated, the player will only need to clear the remaining surviving enemies to win the game.

Hopefully the devs could take a look at this and take some inspirations from it.

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