New Mission: Destory Storm Debris

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I was coming up with possible new missions for the game and I came with an interesting mission type that uses BR's cube monsters.

The mission type is similar to destroy the encampments but on steroids. In it, 3 to 4 Cube pillars (called Storm Debris in STW) will crash into the map, destroying any structures nearby. Once they land, the smaller pillars become active. Just like in BR, these pillars can be destroyed by fighting the monsters, or by doing damage to the pillar itself. The cube monsters and pillars have increased health though compared to in BR.


Once all smaller pillars are destroyed, a big pillar spawns. This big pillar spawns elite cube monsters and once it is destroyed, it spawns the golden brute. This golden brute acts like a mini-boss, having unique modifiers to it. The final objective is to kill the golden brute. Once the golden brute spawns, the storm spawns normal husks to help the golden brute.

As for requirements, this mission may or may not be timed. It can either be it's own mission type compared to Destroy the encampments or it can be an upgrade version of Destroy the Encampments.

This would tie the stories of BR and STW together by implying that the cube is actually one giant mass of storm debris as well as add a new somewhat unique new mission type.


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