New Mission Type Idea: Weather the Storm!

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Introduction: While you were in the middle of a mission, a massive storm rapidly moved in, compromising your objective, and nearly your life. Your new goal is to stay alive as long as possible while you wait for Ray to send a transport.

Logistics: Your rewards get compoundingly better the longer you stay alive for. If you get knocked, the counter doesn't reset, but the rate at which your score was increasing resets. A teammate picking you up doesn't cause it to reset. At the end of 15 minutes, a transport ship appears at a random place in the zone, and you have to travel to it before you can leave the mission. – All husks throughout the mission immediately target the nearest player. – All husks spawn at random places on the map just like wandering husks do in normal missions.


Playstyles: – Stay mobile: You will be constantly trying to outmaneuver the horde, but if you never kill any, you'll be cornered and die a painful death – Build a Base: You will have traps and walls doing much of the work for you. Just remember to put down some patrol ward traps so that husks can't spawn inside your base. – Delete the Husks: You say "screw you" to fate, and go on the offensive. You craft a large amount of patrol wards, and with your team, cover the whole map except one section with those buggers. Then, with that section trapped out, you pull out your weapons and take on the storm head-on.

Edit: Do you guys have any other ideas for how this could be tweaked? This is still a very rough idea, and could use some feedback.

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