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I have a suggestion for Fortnite that I would like to share. I thought of new unique and enjoyable missions that could be added in the future. I'm going to be using examples that include Ray's lines to help you get a better understanding of the missions. I'm not the best story writer so.. please bear with me! Hope you all like it.

Prepare the Feast

Ray: "Mission accomplished with rescuing the survivors but we have another problem… we won't have them around for much longer if we no longer have any food in stock! We need to grow some fruits and vegetables to feed the survivors so get out there, get some seeds, and start planting!"

Objective 1: Find a suitable garden. Objective 2: Gather 25 seeds found in bushes, flowers, pots, etc. Objective 3: Plant all the seeds in the garden. Objective 4: Turn on the garden hose (triggers storm defense sequence) Objective 5: Defeat the storm and bring back the sunlight. Mission success!

Operation Jailbreak

Ray: "Well commanders.. we're going to serve and protect today! Well um.. we already do that but today we're going to help out our fellow police officers! The police station nearby is getting overrun by the husks and the officers need our help moving the prisoners to a safer location. Move out and give them a hand!"


Objective 1: Find the Police Station and speak to the officers. Objective 2: Defend the station with the two officers from the wave of husks. (Officers act as defenders with pistol and shotgun.) Objective 3: Break open the cells and speak to the prisoners. Objective 4: Escort the prisoners to the police car. (Mission fails if they die)

Rock on the Storm!

Ray: "Killing husks and protecting survivors all day can get pretty gloomy don't you think? I think I know just the solution to that… music! Yeah! We should get a concert going! We'll sing, smile, and even dance with the husks! Uh.. let's change that last part to killing husks while dancing! That sounds like a plan. Set up a stage, grab some stars, and rock on the storm!"

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Objective 1: Find the stage grid. Objective 2: Build the stage. Objective 3: Find items to prepare the concert. (Guitars, microphones, etc.) Objective 4: Setup the stage and place the items. Objective 5: Find and rescue 3 rockstars and speak to them. Objective 6: Turn on the lights. (Starts storm fight) Objective 7: Defend the stage until the music is over. Mission success!

What do you all think?

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