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I am currently 40 PL, been playing for almost a month. The game itself is good, but it has so many flaws it has been a really frustrating experience tbh. First and foremost the topic everybody talks about AFkers. It has been addressed in the last update although it really isn't. The whole point of afkers is that they are extremely aggravating due to the sheer nature of this game and how it's balanced. IF you didn't have to farm this much to do anything, probably there wouldn't be mainly low maintenance heroes played (Outlanders with good Teddys are Godsend in this peculiar topic). The fact that there is so much resource management to do (up to a ridiculous point) and that it can all be absurdly disrupted by 1 or 2 people being afk (which is the case in 90% of my games) is infuriating. Not only i am farming way too much to properly play the game, i also have to carry people who lurk around, making it twice as boring. Why are there so many resources? I am not talking about material tiers, i am talking about the fact that there is a distinction between herbs and flowers, that there is a chance that when i am farming herbs i gather random bullets. This whole situation gets even worse when you witness the incredible power spikes between SSDefenses and zones. I was crushed when i saw how much i had to farm in terms of resources to upgrade so many traps and survivors in order to proceed in the game; if feels slower and clunkyer than WoW classic (a game released 10 years ago). Why do i have to lose all my resouces because somebody randomly leaves and none gets filled in? Why do i have to stay in a game for 10 minutes when the main objective is concluded, just make me have the option to leave without losing all my progress. Don't just leave me with random expeditions with random resources with inadequate power levels; let me set up a farm or a way to produce stuff instead of having to pick a plant at a time, maybe you will see more people actually try to play the game instead of either join to farm and ignore the objective or run only Teddys without building a single wall the entire game. This game the way it is right now is never going to survive the ftp launch, people will get killed by the amount of couterproductive factors in the the current meta. PLEASE add understandable tutorials of what is going on, i had to watch so many youtube videos (none of which is Epic btw); the amount of hiddens information is unacceptable.


Right now the game is really enjoyable only and absolutly only if you play with friends, because the farming process is split between you and them. There is no chance they stand still the whole game or leave right after you invested 10 minutes setting up a defense, or at least it doesn't happen every single game.

Another big question: Why do i never get people into my SSD or specific lore quests? I had to literally solo so much between Plankerton SSD 4 and Canny SSD 2. It's not a problem of playing people because if you do random quests at those levels you find full partys, probably of AFKers.

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