New player, bout 24 days and counting

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New player, bout 24 days and counting.

First off, love the game, don’t mind the traders they are in every game, not much you can do about that ANYWHERE.

I started out as a soldier, got a raven as soon as I got the gold for it, then I got a power base kyle green, spent the gold to upgrade him to legendary. Ever since I got him, I have not stopped using him. He’s got all the right powers for me.

I screwed up and dumped alot of my founder stuff into the collection book, but have bounced back by purchasing a few people llama, spend about 150 on the game so far if you count what i paid for it.

I’m currently PL 47 almost done with the first Canny line.

For the people who are going to ask, I followed this guide, not to the letter just openly based on what I found fun:

Also I found whitesushi’s loadout to be a perfect reference:


Both of these people did a really good job on getting this information out there.

I found the survivors to be a hidden secret to this game, people wanting more power should level these, even the epic and rare ones seem to do a good job until I got legendary/mythic leads.

For the record without my survivors, my PL is 17, when I slot them properly I get somewhere in the area of 47-48 PL

I don’t really have a question or complaint about this game, it’s way better than Everquest beta was in 99, or any other mmorpg I’ve played. This game reminds me of city of heroes and that’s a good thing.

Keep up the good work epic.

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