New STW player, cant find updated info

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - New STW player, cant find updated info

Sup guys, I got STW last friday and I'm freaking hooked on that thing.

However, I can't seem to find information on certain things that isn't about 1 year old… Is the playerbase dwindling that much or just not enough updates to warrant the effort?

The questions that I'm looking for answers are:

-What can I buy with V bucks on STW? I can't find any v buck store or anything like that to spend the points I got from quests.

-Does anything bought with v bucks carry on to other modes? Like can I buy something on BR and use it on STW? What about the Battle Pass, are its rewards shared between the 2 modes or just stuck on BR?

-What should I buy with gold? I found out that this is the only way to get Legendary Flux, so I bought all 5, plus all epic/legendary survivors and a couple of heroes(Paleo Luna, Archeo Jess and Dennis Jr).

-I'm planning on using Assault weapons, due to being what I'm good shooting with. Already got an Epic Hunter Killer thats being a beast so far for me, and I'll research the schematic for the Legendary Hacksaw when the gold shop resets. Already got epic Blastotron and Triple Tap for my sniper needs, and epic Stormblade and both Legendary and Epic Earsplitter for my melee weapons. Is that a good plan for the long term?

-Still about weapons, is there any tier list or something like that thats not outdated? I found this topic – – but the author says its outdated, and I couldnt find anything more recent than this one.


-About heroes, any tier list or builds guide? Atm I'm running Breakbeat Wildcat with Totally rocking out on most missions, changing to Paleo Luna or Archeo Jess both on Blast from the past whenever I need them.

-About Squads, unless I'm totally missing something the autofill is completely retarded, so I'm manually setting up my squads for now, with my best to worst survivors on Offense, Fortitude, Tech and Resistance. I decided to pick Fortitude as my 2nd best because it seems to sinergize well with Survivalist + Totally rocking out, it makes my Wildcat pretty much unkillable unless I'm completely overwhelmed on 23+ missions.

-About x ray tickets and road trip tickets… I only buy llamas with x ray tickets when there's something I want/need on it, and just wait till the reset if theres nothing useful. I havent found much about the road trip tickets so far, so I just burned thru all I got. Any tips on this?

Atm I'm lvl 88 on 5/13 Plankerton quest. PL 24, with 276 Fort and 378 Offense.

Sorry about the wall of text 🙁

Thanks in advance.

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