Newer player with thoughts and questions.

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Hello everyone!

This is my first post on this subreddit and I hope I don’t sound ridiculous or completely uninformed on the game and embarrass myself. First I wanna say that I absolutely love this game, particularly Save the World over Battle Royale (although I do play both every day). I think the feel/fluidity of the movement and combat make it the best playing third person shooter I’ve ever played. The loop of collecting resources, building, and finding are endlessly enjoyable. So, props to Epic for that!

So, now to questions. I’ve spent roughly 25-30 hours with Save the World so far, and there are still a few things that are unclear to me:

  • How are things like reward resources in missions, such as the “gifts” from survivors and encampments shared? What about in-mission rewards for things like satellites salvage?

I’ve noticed that after some objectives, players in chat will complain about how one person took all the materials from the rewards, and I definitely don’t wanna be “that guy” that takes everything, but I also don’t want to be taken advantage of.

  • Is in-game chat a viable option for communicating between other players in missions? Or is it mostly dedicated to things like Discord or Party Chat?

I really want to communicate with other players about mission objectives, map discovery, and what/where to build, but no one seems to ever respond. Or, they end up sending me a party invite, which I’ll naively accept, and end up hearing this long speech about how he got scammed. This, without a doubt, is my least favorite part of the game so far.

  • Are there any good content creators out there that can help newer players like myself understand things survivor squads, skill point allocation/optimization, and resource gathering tips?

I’ve read every guide that’s posted on the Sidebar of this subreddit, but sometimes it can feel like reading a textbook from the middle when you don’t have a solid foundation of the fundamentals. Also, perhaps it’s just YouTube’s algorithm, but just doing a search for “Fortnite save the world” brings up nothing but “scammer got scammed” videos and loot box openings, which is something I just simply don’t care for at all.

That pretty much does it for now! Again, I really enjoy this game and I want it to become my main game and invest what I can into it’s systems and mechanics. From what I’ve seen of this community so far, the more hardcore players seem very helpful and engaging to those who wanna contribute.

Thanks for reading!

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