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Ever since the 4.0 patch, items seem to have started malfunctioning when they're being held by a ninja. While I've posted in both major megathreads since then about the problem, we still have yet to get any kind of acknowledgement from Epic about this. All platforms are probably affected by this.

Broken Textures

Textures for a plethora of items seem to just get shuffled when a ninja holds them. This is not limited to craftables or even weapons — this issue affects the pickaxes.

  • Energy Stormblade after

Now, sometimes you'll be able to switch back and forth with one particular weapon without losing the effect. I wasn't able to find a way to replicate this reliably — I only notice it happening in some missions.

This issue doesn't render the game unplayable nor does it affect gameplay in any way. Still, it is disheartening to see that this annoying and obvious bug has gone on for so long without a proper fix. I'd imagine that its fix could be included in just a content patch, but here we are, one month later.

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