Nintendo Switch players continue to remain in hell.

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Nintendo Switch players continue to remain in hell.

Let's start out with a simple question. Does Epic actually test their own port of Fortnite on the Switch?

Fortnite has been on the Nintendo Switch for a year now (since E3 2018) and still has performance issues. This shouldn't be happening. I understand Epic wants their game to stand out and look graphically pretty, but I rather prefer a stable frame rate of 30 than "new lighting features/brighter color schemes".

Tilted and Retail Row, two very popular POI's, are still the only two places, since launch last June, to have underwhelming frame issues, hitches, and overall performance. That's 6 seasons of the same problems never to be fixed. It's hard when zone reaches these locations and you're in the heat of the battle with another team. You flick your shotgun to the right and aim for the person that's next to you, your teammates are in voice chat screaming at you to clutch it. You miss because there's a "slight delay" and end up getting shit-talked about losing a W for the team.

These moments shouldn't be happening. We all suffer the same problems with performance. Players play better in games that are greatly optimized for the said system. Period.

Every time a new season drops in Fortnite, nearly every new POI that's in the game is instantly the worst place to drop. This is bad because new players and old are curious to see what's new on the map. This isn't because it's bad in design but rather because it simply isn't optimized well to fit the player's standards. We can't have a quality experience if the game can't process these locations properly. For example: The Block, of all things, has occasional issues every time I pass by it or whether there are people around. Same goes for Pressure Plant, Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, etc.


I hate to believe that the Nintendo Switch community is the most underappreciated group in Fortnite. We've been suffering from frame issues for A LOT of months and whenever there's a slight fix or improvement, it turns to mud the next time the game gets updated or the map gets altered in some way.

I understand the Switch isn't as powerful as the other consoles or even mobile devices to run 60 frames, but please, make the game run at a solid steady 30 frames. Give us an update (or a 'State of Development'), let us, the Switch players, know what's happening with the game because quite frankly it seems like nobody cares. We seem shunned from the community.

Being a game developer is difficult. You have deadlines and make ends meet to reach customer satisfaction. That should be every companies goal, but we've suffered long enough. I'm tired of missing shots or dying because the game decides to choke itself whenever I'm in a fight or in a build battle. It's time for a change, I prefer compromises such as lower resolution or texture quality if it means I can play the way I want to play.

I love this game with a passion, it's really fun, cool and one of the best third-party online multiplayer games on the Switch right now (since we don't have Call of Duty or other similar games in the online 'Shooter' genre). I've spent about $320.00 in cosmetics, bundles, emotes and Battle Passes since Season 4 so my support in the game is there. We just need the developers' support.

TLDR: Nintendo Switch players still suffer performance issues. Epic not only needs to focus on other consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 but Nintendo Switch as well. We matter too in this community.


your beloved Nintendo Switch players.

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