No access to account for over 40 days. Epic Games stopped responding.

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My account has been hacked in early April. I got my email and epic games account back. I had to wait 30 days to "reset" my email (I'll explain at the bottom)

So now that I have my email and account back, I'm not receiving any emails from epic games about my password reset or 2 step verification. I had to contact epic games from a different email address because mine is not receiving anything from epic games.

May 2nd I contacted epic games, May 4th they get back to me saying they HARD RESET my password. I check inbox, I don't have email. Around that time I've also talked to Outlook, and there is no problems regarding their service. I made my email inbox fresh (explaining at the bottom) I do not have any rules to set epic games as spam, move, delete, or anything regarding that. So I let them know that.

I heard back on May 7th, they hard reset my password again. I let them know again that I still don't have it, and I ask them if they can check my account email, reset it, or change it. Next day, May 8th, I heard back "Thank you for the update. I apologize for the inconvenience! I am currently looking into this. Thank you for your patience!"

And now it's been 11 days and I haven't heard back. I emailed Zachary (the guy who is supporting me) multiple times asking what's up, and still haven't heard back. This Wednesday I made another support ticket asking them what's up with the issue, gave them the old case ID, and if they can reset my email. Yet to hear back.


Here's the funny thing, I'm able to receive one time password emails fine. HOWEVER I'm not able to login because they HARD RESET my password. Meaning I have to normally reset my password before I can login using the one time password. And I do not get emails for resetting password normally.

Now, about that 30 day wait time. I have Outlook. My email has been hacked, so I removed the email alias completely from my Microsoft account so that I could recreate it 30 days later. I made it again, fresh, brand new, and can receive emails fine for everything else (Facebook, etc etc)


TL;DR I spent around $200 on my account and I would assume that some of that funds would go towards the support team. If they reply to me on a 1-3 day basis I think that's how it suppose to go, but it's like they have muted me or something, because I haven't heard back for 11 days. Nobody from their team has a minute to dedicate to me on changing my account email or resetting it.

I'm not the only one having this issue, google up "epic games not receiving password reset emails" and you can see another reddit thread, someone's forum thread, and my forum thread all there.

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