No reason to keep playing(and my ideas how to fix it)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - No reason to keep playing(and my ideas how to fix it)

Am sure l can speak for most veteran players when l say that there is nothing to do in save the world.Sure you can grind out gold for new weapons and heroes but after that, there is no reason to play.If Epic doesn't improve the game in major way l don't see the future of STW. Big patches provide something to do until you get every weapon and finish quests but after that it's back to nothing.Hero reward had many good thing's for it but one bad thing about it is that epic locked them self into making only 1 trait heroes, for me at least am not even trying to grind for new heroes because of there non impressive perk.

These are some of my ideas that l could see making stw better.

Complete hero cosmetic rework

By that l mean make it so that player have custom character customization, players would get every cosmetic item from heroes they own, + a lot more that are obtainable by other means.This would be great way for epic to add microtransactions, wait wait let me explain. STW is destined to be free to play, it's whole design is based on free to play model, and when it goes f2p epic will need to make money somehow, and as we all know no one buys lamas.

1 idea l have with this are event skin lamas. There would be like pirate, superhero, holiday etc llamas that are sold for vbucks,they would not in in shop all of the times so that player would have more reason to buy them.They would include


hoverboard skin and trail, cosmetic items like masks,hats, skins, backbling and maybe weapon skins.And emotes of course.

Homebase tournament, this is big one, It would be like guild system.Player could make some sort of mega homebase that serves as guild. Homebase master could maybe decorate guilds interior and as guildgrows building space would increase.

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There would be guild missions that require 4 players from same guild and they would reward players with unique rewards and guild with guild currency. Also there would be Homebase tournaments between 2 or more guilds.

Winning guild will have it's name somewhere in game and on site for limited time + first place will get high amount of guild currency and golden trophy that Homebase master could place as decoration.

Game would consist from modes like 4v4, who survives the longest, who kills more husks, building showndown etc(tell me your ideas).

These were 2 big ideas that l had and that were somewhat original outside of that.

Twine peek quest and zone




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