Nope, Save the World DEFINITELY won’t die just yet. Here’s why.

Fortnite Preview screenshot onpage 1 1024x576 - Nope, Save the World DEFINITELY won't die just yet. Here's why.

What's keeping STW stunted? BR

What's keeping it alive? BR as well.

What will keep it going? BR again.

Go to r/fortnitebr and search "Save the World". Sort by -> New. Every 2-3 hours someone asks when STW will be free or if someone has free codes or if it is worth buying. So many players want to play it.

You guys are severely underestimating the amount of players that will flood into STW when it goes free to play.

Our playerbase will increase exponentially and all the BR players will at least come to try it out. A lot won't like it, a lot will, and once hooked, in come thousands of whales spending on llamas.

It's all about how Epic handles the situation after that.

This game has a good 4-6 months left before it'll go F2P, but on the week it does, Stonewood will be filled with full queues and missions. Playerbase will increase dramatically, r/fortnite will get a lot of traffic, r/fortnitebr will be filled with posts about STW and people commenting "Fu*k you go to r/fortnite, this is the Battle Royale subreddit igaf what antimaterial charge does".


After that, if Epic uses this momentum to carry the game ahead, it's pretty much a gold mine because of the sheer number of people who will play. It won't be as huge as BR, but it's definitely something they will go for.

Everyone is saying this game is turning into a Paragon, but that's not true because Paragon didn't have the benefit of having the most popular video game in the world linked to it. We have that advantage, and for that I'm glad BR exists.

What Epic needs to do right now is work on handing that playerbase and the problems that will come with it (more leeching, server needs, etc). I assume currencies for BR and STW will be separated then.

And us Founder will get something good for putting up when it comes. I know they haven't done much in that department, but I'm pretty sure they will give us something when the game goes free. Not just that, we will be rewarded through improvisation as well. Like when the Collection Book or Twine/Canny rewards get reworked, one day all the players who have already been through the slog of getting rares and trash from these will one day wake up with a bunch of vbucks/llamas/heroes/xp/whatnot.

Keep calm and be a bear.

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