Now that the whole Birthday Llama controversy is being dealt with, let’s talk about Fortnite’s growth throughout the year & the changes Epic made to make the game more enjoyable

index - Now that the whole Birthday Llama controversy is being dealt with, let's talk about Fortnite's growth throughout the year & the changes Epic made to make the game more enjoyable

I've cooled off from the whole llama dupes thing & wanted to bring into light Epic's positives than their negatives that they've brought the Save the World. It's been a long year & there have been a lot of stuff that's happened &/or changed, for better or for worse. For now, I want to bring in the best things Epic brought:

Making Sprint Unlimited & Introducing Hoverboards

For those of you who are new to the mode from the recent 50% off sale, you joined in a great time. Back then, Sprinting costed Energy & it drained it pretty fast, even moreso if you were playing as a Ninja or Outlander using Mantis Leap/Phase Shift. Phase Scout Jess was considered the most mobile Heroe in the game, focusing on Shifting around the map instead of running to conserve energy…But now that Sprint is unlimited, she's turned into one of the worst heroes in the game & is in dire need of a re-work. But at least you can run, run, run as long as you want with whoever you want. Thanks Epic.

Decreasing the Cost of Mantis Leap & Buffing Phase Shift

Ninjas & Outlanders are supposed to be the most mobile heroes in the game, but it was rather difficult with a few problems. First, Ninja's Mantis Leap used to cost 50 Energy to use. 50. That's only 2 jumps in a short time. Now it's at 20 & feels absolutely great. And Phase Shift used to take 15s to recharge a single shift with only 2 in reserve without perks. Now they charge in 7s with 3 in reserve, 5 with some Outlanders. Thanks Epic.

Increasing the amount of Building Resources

To you joining us from Battle Royale, you're familiar with the limit of materials being 999, right? The same was true for Save the World & it was so, so tedious having to farm much more often in between missions just to have enough materials to top off your bases with high level materials or enough to go around to build radar towers. Thankfully, we were given a stack increase the further we progressed into the skill trees, up to 5,000 I believe in Twine Peaks. Now it's much easier to fortify our Storm Shields, too, with a Constructor+Pre-Planning+Increased Material Stacks. Thanks Epic.

Buff to Hover Turret Gadget(and subsequent nerf)

Believe it or not, there was a time where Hover Turrets were considered one of the worst gadgets in the game. It used to shoot a little projectile ball that had travel time & could only fire about once every second. If you were lucky, it was able to kill about 10 husks before expiring. Then it was buffed to act like an aerial T.E.D.D.Y on steroids & quickly became one of, if not, the best gadget in the game…Unfortunately, this made the game incredibly easy & missions were soon plagued with low-level PLs joining higher PL missions to farm Storm Chests with only using the Hover Turret(it was that powerful) & it was rightfully nerfed to have a slower rate of fire, but in return it also deals energy damage. Now I feel like it's in a great place in the game as a slower, mini-TEDDY with built in Bear Stare. Thanks Epic.

The addition of Combat Pro & Builder Pro controls

Now me personally, I still use Old School for Save the World & Combat Pro for Battle Royale; I'm able to switch between each scheme pretty easily with little to no problems. But for others, this was a great change. Being able to use the same control scheme as in their favorite PvP game in their favorite PvE game was a huge help. Thanks Epic.

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Various Buffs to every type of Hero in the recent update

Again to those of you who just started playing Save the World, you could not have come at a better time. We recently got a buff to a lot of hero abilities that were well needed or unexpected but welcomed, such as Shock Trooper getting a larger & stronger Shockwave, TEDDY getting a range & damage increase, DECOY & Bull Rush having much shorter cooldowns, Going Commando having its cooldown decreased by almost a full minute, Shurikens flying faster & harder, Phase Shift applying a short movement speed buff after use, the list goes on! Thanks a ton, Epic.

Introducing the Perk Recombobulator

This is another huge change &, in my opinion, massive improvement to the game. Being able to change the perks you want on a schematic to however you want with a way to increase its stats without having to gamble on RNG to get that "perfect" schematic anymore. Did you know that Affliction+Element was a thing & it was considered the absolute best perk to have on a weapon? Well now we can have headshot bonus damage, Snaring, & headshot explosions instead, along with a few special 6th slot perks like Mercury LMG's consistent shot explosions. Being able to grab a Legendary Schematic & not go "oh, it doesn't have ____ so it's garbage" is such a great thing. There are a few perks I miss, like Crit Damage on Afflicted targets, but I would take the current system any day. Thanks Epic.

Prices of Upgrade & Store Llamas lowered(+compensation to those who invested)

Back then, Upgrade Llamas used to cost 100 V-Bucks instead of 50, 2 days worth of Dailies. It doesn't sound like much at first, but then you realize that you can now buy an Upgrade llama every day if you do your Daily, allowing you to progress much faster with your new schematics, Survivors, & Heroes. And don't forget that Upgrade Llamas can go Silver or Gold, rewarding you with Legendary or even Mythic items. Really cuts down on the grind for newer players or allows those who are willing to buy a llama a day for reasons. Thanks Epic.

Addition of Loot Drops & Caches

Another huge improvement is the addition of mini-bosses being able to drop caches that contain evolution materials for leveling up your heroes/survivors/schematics or a random schematic that can sometimes be a free Epic or Legendary schematic. And the loot isn't limited to mini-bosses, either, common enemies can sometimes drop bits of materials & crafting ingredients & high level chests/safes can also drop caches to those close of one when it's opened. Really makes the game a lot more looty, which fits its gameplay. Thanks Epic.

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Anything I miss? I feel like I got the most of the best changes that Epic has ever done to improve the game to where it's at now. It's been a hell of a year(8 months for me) & this game just keeps getting better & better. All thanks to Epic & their wonderful staff(including those like u/Magyst & u/MrPopoTFS) for their responses & comments on certain subjects really help brings in our trust to you guys. You guys are great, keep doing what you're doing & have a fantastic anniversary everyone.

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