Odyssey’s Off-Meta Weapon Reviews – Ralphie’s Revenge (Ep. 1)

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Odyssey's Off-Meta Weapon Reviews - Ralphie's Revenge (Ep. 1)

Hey all! Thought I would try something new, as GhostBossMaterial is mostly retired from the community here, with weapon reviews and all. To celebrate me reaching PL 130 and level 310, I decided to waste my evolution materials and some weapons in my inventory that are off-meta and have potential. So, without further adieu, let me introduce you to Ralphie's Revenge.


So, if you don't know what Ralphie's Revenge, it's a bolt-action hunting rifle themed after the cult classic film, A Christmas Story. It's main gimmick is, well, headshots! You hit a headshot, you do tons of damage. So, why don't most people use this weapon? I'd like to chock it down to most people don't want to go for just headshots, along with the fact that sitting and sniping isn't a fun way to play. That's why I'm bringing these guides on how to best utilize these weapons that aren't used often! Now, let's start with:

–The Perks–

I went for a simple perk setup for my RR. Now, something you always have to know is that RR is locked to physical; don't let that turn you away! The sixth perk, which causes explosions on headshot, does energy damage, so as long as you're hitting headshots, you're doing lots of damage to anything. Anyways, for my perks, I used two headshot damage perks, one reload speed, and one weapon stability. I actually didn't have enough Re-Perk at the time to change the stability, but it actually does work out in the end! Now, I'll explain my reasoning for these perks. I didn't go for a crit-build because we're relying on headshots here. We want our shots not to be based on chance, but skill. I'd rather always do 500k headshot damage (yes, we are talking about base RR doing that damage) then have a chance to hit for 750k. With our headshot damage perks, I only have them up to Epic, so its going to do even more incredible damage with Legendary perks. For reload speed, I'll explain that with our hero loadout. Finally, the weapon stability, the most confusing option. I was meant to change this, but didn't have enough Re-Perk and tried it out. It made it a lot easier to hit more headshots with the stability, and if a target needed more shots, I could hit them without needing to reposition as much. All perks, except for Headshot damage, were perked at Rare; the Headshot damage perks were perked at Epic. Next, I want to address:

–The Hero Loadout–


For our loadout, I went with Redline Ramirez (sniper damage up by 17% and fire rate up by 45%). We're going to want to maximize our normal sniper headshot damage, as well as fire rate; I'll explain the fire rate later. Next, our Team Perk was Totally Rocking Out. I'll be honest, it was hard to choose one, but the best two you can choose are TRO, or Blast From The Past. With TRO, I chose Breakbeat Wildcat and Quinn, but for BFTP, you can choose Rex Jonesy and Izza for survivability. For our three other heroes, I went Rabbit Jonesy (Crit damage up by 75%), Skull Trooper Jonesy (reloading increases damage by 15% for 5 seconds), and finally, Zenith (sniper critical hits apply 21 base water damage for 1 second, for three seconds). Our reload perk was for Skull Trooper Jonesy, so we could constantly get that damage buff. Zenith is just a nice bonus, as well as Rabbit Jonesy, so that if we did crit, our sniper could do more damage. To finish off, I chose the gadgets slow field and hover turrets. The others don't really help us with what we want to do, and that is maximize headshots. Slow field greatly increases your capacity to hit headshots, and think of the turrets as body guards or bouncers. Finally, the exciting part:

–The Gameplay–

For our mission, I went into a 140 Encampment mission, using nothing but the RR. I'll admit, I didn't use Sub Wafers at all, but did occasionally get that Rockin' Riff buff. All of my teammates were, unsurprisingly, about 120 or below. The first five encampments were a breeze with the RR! Three, four, and five were nature, fire, and water respectively, but the husks all went out easily with the headshot explosion, as well as dying through normal headshots. Takers and Blasters went out in two shots each, and Smashers took a little more effort, but went down after about four to five shots. Encampments six, seven, eight, and nine were a bit harder, but we managed. I was knocked down once, and that brought in my realization that I should've backed up. The RR is best when you're in the back, not up-close; it is a sniper, after all, and I forgot to play like that. After the realization came, it became an easy journey. So, with the mission done, I come to my:

–Final Remarks–

My thoughts? The RR is great! As for other missions, standing on top of the structure you built to shoot is the best way. If you need help shooting, using the Slow Field helps. You can also potentially use a teleporter instead of turrets to go between shooting points. Overall, this weapon is great in my opinion, and if you have time, and resources, please use it! If you have any other suggestions for off-meta weapons, send a comment in and I'll try to look at as many as you suggest. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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