OK, the grind and difficulty reductions that have gone through may have been a bit heavy-handed…

Fortnite home fn battle royale 1268x717 cf9fa8a783c249aa8d6929126e29f5f190620357 1024x579 - OK, the grind and difficulty reductions that have gone through may have been a bit heavy-handed...

I'm starting to see some mind boggling shit from PL 100+ players a lot more frequently than I used to.

During a 4P Atlas mission in Twine, one of our atlases had a cave on the back end of it. We board it up as best we can with some traps for good measure. During the defense, the spawn shifts, and the husks find a very inconvenient (for us) drop-in to that tunnel and smash through the blockade. Atlas starts losing HP.

PL 100+ numbnuts starts going off: "Which one of you dumbasses opened a path to the atlas???"

Like… did you seriously reach PL 100+ without realizing how mob pathing works? lol. The husks have obviously smashed through the defenses because it was the quickest way to the atlas. Numbnuts was having none of our logic and remained salty for the rest of the game, thinking that one of us SURELY must have gone in and undone the fortifications in the tunnel.

That was just one example. Others include:


PL100+ players not realizing what a 1×1 in RTD is, or why we're leaving it half open before the drop.

PL100+ players trying to stand on the ramparts we're using to bottleneck husks, shooting from the top, forcing the husks to wail on the wall he's up on, creating a new hole for husks to completely walk around the traps in the bottle neck.

People not getting the fu*k outta dodge when propane starts closing in on the trap tunnels. I think this one goes hand in hand with not understanding husk pathing/AI behaviors.

It used to take such a long fu*king time to get to Twine & PL100+ that you would HAVE to learn this stuff before getting there. Now that it's so quick and easy to gain PL and enter Twine, a smaller portion of the player base seems to be learning any of the real fundamental stuff and it's pretty irritating. RANT OVER

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