Only. Five. Hero. Loadouts.

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Only. Five. Hero. Loadouts.

If you haven't noticed we only have FIVE hero loadout slots. Don't get me wrong the idea of hero loadouts are amazing, but why stop at five?

There is so many hero builds us the actual playerbase want to try out. So whenever we do want to try a new hero loadout we have to spend time to make a loadout. Wouldn't it be so much easier if we could have more loadouts?

Yes. It definitely would. Even though it sounds over dramatic, its absurd how much time it takes to switch loadouts for new ones, it definitely stacks up overtime.

Here's a few suggestions on what I would begin with as the first iteration to improving hero loadouts:

-just give us more. I would begin with 5 for stonewood, 10 for plankerton, 15 for canny, 20 for twine peaks. That sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

-add purchasable loadout slots. For the people in endgame, there's not much we want from llamas. Just sell loadouts for v-bucks, that would be amazing to add more variety.

-add a search method. If we were to have 50 or so loadouts, imagine how much time it would take to find the right one. Forever.

-allow us to name loadouts. Tying it back to the previous suggestion, if we were to be able to search loadouts since we named them, that would make things so much easier.


I think the community can all agree five hero loadouts are no where near enough. The feature is amazing. So don't stop there, it's as if they put a cap on an amazing feature. Take the gold cap for example, it was an amazing feature to allow people to purchase items. But then they added a cap, so it basically added an unnecessary grind. If you had loads of gold, you've done your grinding. There's no need to grind more than you should have.

All I'd like is confirmation of whether we would or we would NOT see more hero loadouts in the future. Cause in my opinion, it would be so beneficial to the playerbase.

Benefits of more loadouts?

-players would be able to more EFFICIENTLY prepare for missions

ex: -constructor designed for cat1, another for cat4

-ninja for repair the shelter, another for encampments

-soldier for high hp targets, another for less hp targets

-outlander for farming + combat, another for pure combat

Overall, I would like more loadouts to prepare for missions. If I wanted to do my absolute best for a storm king run, how often would I have a loadout set up for that? Nearly never, since I always have to remove it.

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