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I don't watch the sub that much so I'm not sure if this idea was probably mentioned already but does anyone else think epic should just make a whole new stw and have it be open world, BR pretty much has a bunch of feature that could be a really good fit.

Vehicles: The mechs everyone hated could be an ability for a hero and theres other vehicles they aren't using like golf carts shopping carts planes

Henchmen: The henchmen they have could be added an a human faction of survivors turned bad like raiders or etc and especially the marauders from last season hunting you down while you explore the world would be really cool.

The storys of each season: Much since the start of chapter 2 there's been this ghost vs shadow storyline, well that could be a faction you choose similar in games like fallout or elder scrolls were you chose a side, they could also bring like actually life to this with voice acting and etc unlike how they do in br.

Homebase: Homebase would pretty much be turned into a full hub world to explore and that you can customize to your own free will similar to how you can build your bases in your worlds, this could work similar to how people make this in the creative mode. Also you can store vehicles weapons and etc in here.

Missions: I think one way they can still do the mission types we have in current stw would be that since that map would be really big those areas would be poi you go into to start a mini mission similar to how you start missions already expect you'd have to visit then location. These could be mini missions while they have ones on the larger scale.


Co op: Now with this I'd say the game could play similar to how division plays in terms of when your out exploring. You don't see any players unless your friends or randoms squad up with you and when they join your session they see your Homebase and how you crafted it.

Dungeons, Raids Duties Etc: Just like your regular looters or mmo they gave could have all those aboved mentioned. Daily duties could be were you got to those mini missions and complete say a set or a few of the missions, like fight the Storm save the survivors, and elimination. Would be large scale dungeons going up against either an opposing human faction or the husk. And dungeons I think is pretty self explanatory.

Tie in with BR: With every season change to br we can actually get proper ties ins to the story. While br would tell a smaller scale version stw would tell a larger scale one adding new quest dungeons raids and etc

Weapons and Heros: This is probably the one thing I'm not fully sure on mostly just with the heros part on if it would need a fixing or changing but I guess weapons would stay the same.

I think that's it from everything I thought about I'd like to see what everyone else thinks would help to bring about a revival of the game, ever since I saw this game in my game informer magazine back when I was in middle school years ago I always wanted to play it and was excited to see something that I waited for finally get the light of day only for it to be stolen by br, but I enjoy br I just wish we got the Same attention and everything they get.

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