Opinion piece on latest event and advice for future ones

FortniteBattleRoyale6 - Opinion piece on latest event and advice for future ones

Hi guys, merry Christmas and happy new years and all that to ya.

So I just wanted to write a quick piece about this event, previous events and hopefully advice for future events.

So this event is probably the closest thing to what the original stw game was aiming for. This is the first time in the game that hero selection and setting up tasks to individual team members has been crucial to succeeding. I.e if a farmer doesn't get mats and crafting materials then no one can craft traps and place them. If the constructor doesn't do their job the tunnels arent as effective and if the soldier doesn't do their job then some of the smashers/mist monsters will get to objective and kill/smash everything. In the end though this mode is pretty much the same as every other event type mode we have had in which you just want to make loads of trap tunnels. This is also the first type of event in which there is definitely a pressure for you to do things as quickly as possible which hasn't been in other previous events. The points above are also things which may put off casual players and people who play pubg.


So in previous events like survive the storm you could do the whole thing without traps, spam defenders and throw the odd teddy down, it was mindless but fun. In the recent horde bash V2 this was again pretty mindless in that you would be able to spam a million traps and that would take care of most things and unfortunately the game was broken at that stage because people were able to spam decoy. So the previous events haven't been much of a struggle at all and have also been possible to dominate by spamming trap tunnels.

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Frostnite whilst it is slightly different in that you have to work for all your resources and you are pressured with a timer, I believe it still has the same pitfall in that it is purely based on traps – there is no way anyone will get to wave 30 without traps. GG if you prove me wrong.

I'm seriously hoping in the next event we have it's not a sit back and defend or gather resources and defend. It needs to be something massively different like us going and wiping out enemies which can be with guns and then strategically placing traps. Again enemy a.i would need to be changed as people could attack a husk and then get it to walk through a trap tunnel.


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