Opinion: The Collection Book is terrible game design and should be reworked

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Opinion: The Collection Book is terrible game design and should be reworked

Save the World has a lot of low points, including bugs, player behavior, difficulty, playerbase issues and a lack of updates. This doesn't mean there aren't many high points either. But Epic can do a lot to help these high points be even better.

One of the high points of StW (in my opinion) is the sheer amount of builds you can create. There are hundreds of hero perks and hundreds of weapons. Overall, you have essentially limitless possibilities if you have a large collection of items. Different builds lead to completely different playstyles: a Ninja plays completely differently than a Constructor, and from there you can make hundreds of different versions of Constructors.

The point is that with a large collection of heroes and weapons, players are able to do anything they want. This is a major high point of Save the World.

But the Collection Book encourages the complete opposite of this. Players who earn completely unique one time heroes (such as Razor) are given the option to lock them away in reward for some trashy rewards like some Llamas. I'm not asking for better rewards, but actively encouraging players to limit options is the complete opposite of what this game should do. The options are one of the best parts of StW, and Epic needs to realize that and rework it.


Pokémon is one of the most influential franchises of all time. The Pokédex is somewhat similar to the Collection Book. However, the glaring different is that the Pokédex does not force players to give up their Pokémon just for some money. Instead, the game lets you register the ones you own, letting you continue using them while also inching closer to completion.

Save the World isn't a Pokémon game, but that kind of system makes much more sense than the current Collection Book. Players can be directly rewarded for earning a large amount of heroes, weapons and traps while also being allowed to continue using unique playstyles without limits.

This would require some other bits as well, such as having to "return" all of the items players have slotted. However, in general, this would be a positive change for all players throughout the game.

TL;DR The current CB discourages having a large amount of unique options. Therefore, it should allow you to "slot" the items you collect, continuing to reward you for growing your collection, but also allow players to continue using their hard earned content.


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