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So I have played the game for a long time, I have 73 days accumulated together playing the game, 800 days logged in, and I have played since season 4. This is for credibility. I have also seen every aspect of the game, late game, early game, solo, team, trading, everything.

I spent the last hour reading this subreddit and I have seen all kinds of things people have said, what new players think, and what needs to be improved. I see that newer players mostly like it, but they can already see the game going downhill.

Opinions (below)

The game is great, when i first started I was sooo addicted. I grinded for hours on hours. New canny storyline came out, I was done with that in a couple weeks. Got to max pretty fast, got most endurances done pretty fast. Played in tons of events. But when I got to 131 the game became stale, some people when they get there like to grind to get every schematic god role and try out heroes and stuff, but imo thats not really that fun. This is when I got into trading massively, i started trading a lot. Eventually trading got boring to tho because you can only go so far with it. I have now grinded a second acc to almost max, with all ssds done and most endurances completed. My main reason for finding the game boring is a couple main reasons.

  1. No content, yes events come out and ventures but thats not really content, events are useless after you get the guns and heroes and even then if you dont care about god rolling everything they are useless, and ventures isnt really content, this is what it is, go back to level 1, couple months to grind and you get some sub par loot along the way. YES super chargers are cool but not very useful.
  2. The player base. You get a total of about 4 teammate types. the trade spammer, afk, no help, all around stupid but max level some how, the beggar (I have no weapon or coal or nabs etc), and the farmer. <all i can think of but there is def more.
  3. DEVS AND PEOPLE ALIKE. This is self explanatory but still. I dont think there is enough communication, no patch notes nothing of the sort. Sometimes there is little updates or things like that, but by little I mean LITTLE.


I saw someone say that we need to accept that its a 1-2 year game of content and to move on and that it will make the game and this subreddit a lot more enjoyable. I kind of agree but the main reason people like myself do this is cause deep down they care for the game and they wanna see it succeed and get to the level it should be. Another mini rant about content cause i forgot to mention, yes ventures give gold, reperk, stuff like that. But most people that high are prob max players, so its not really useful. PLUS the super chargers imo are COMPLETELY useless, survivor super charge for what? power level 133? does not do much. Weapon and trap super chargers increase damage and stuff by about 200-300 per super charge, i guess thats ok but not to take forever to do ventures worth. Idk about hero but if its about the same its not worth.

Rant within a rant (below)

This game lacks a lot that it should have had. It had sooo many opportunities that it did not take. New zone, storyline finish or continue into new zone, new 6 star mat, all kinds of different challenge type things, new events, I would love to see something like a raid boss from destiny like something insanely hard gives good rewards and could have a race to beat to get worlds first, bring old events back but give it harder modifiers or harder terrain stuff like that.


How to improve it or at least go in right direction (below)

  1. Try fix bugs more often, I know covid is a thing so its way harder but I say someone point out that cosmetic bugs seem to get fixed WAY faster than game breaking bugs, bugs that affect the actual game should get fixed faster, if not faster at least the community should know that they are being worked on.

    1. add a trading menu, as mentioned above missions are littered with people who spam trade, up to even like canny. This is a super easy fix as its in rocket league already. Have trading be something that happens only in the homebase, you cant have the ssd started, you invite someone to trade, you can put in what you have to trade, then if you guys both are happy you can accept, you both have to accept it. This would stop scamming and it would also make it impossible to trade in missions. in missions make it impossible to drop anything, and put the trade menu in the missions as well, In the settings put an option to have an auto decline to a trade offer. Otherwise i dont really know how to stop this just yet
    2. Make it IMPOSSIBLE to enter mythic storm king unless you are a certain power level ie. 120. The reason I want this is because there are STONEWOOD players with every mythic weapon. along this I would say make it impossible to go into anything unless your a certain power level even if you are boosted or if its on private. Because I have seen power levels like 14s in twine that craft 130s, its dumb.
    3. Mainly for end game players but add some sort of system where you can exchange hero, survivor, and hero xp for evo mats or something like that. Because I know a lot of people who have like 100 Mil plus and its useless.
    4. Figure out the afk problem, because its very inconsistent. No other fix cause its in the game just make it better, maybe add a thing of if you dont help with the main mission a little you still kicked or something like that.
    5. Allow the owner of a homebase to kick people if they choose. I have had so many times where someone joins, they go afk or they use a pickaxe the entire time. It is really frustrating. This can be abused so i guess try find away around that.
    6. Make specific searching for ssd help. yes there is wargames but endurance help should be a separate thing.
    7. This I feel like is one of the most important things. VOTE TO KICK in missions, yes this can get abused if a 3 stack goes in but imo it would be better to have then not. Because people dont help they abuse the afk kick system, so they dont get kicked but they do nothing and get rewards. People who dont vote to start mission, all kinds of stuff like that.

conclusion (below) lol

First I wanna say if you read this entire thing thank you. Yes the grammar and spelling prob isnt the best but yea. second this is my opinion if you wanna disagree thats fine, but dont talk crap in the comments but not give a reason, I will happily and calmly debate with you in dms or in the comment section. EVery1 have an amazing day. peace

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