Our community is awesome!

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I know some people say that our community sucks but, our community is awesome! 90% of the time.

Sure you get the occasional trader who yells worthless insults at you, but you can just mute them and go on with your day. And sure you get the farmers who reap the rewards without even doing anything but that gives you a reason to torture them by failing the mission early and watching their disappointed faces on the failure screen as the thing they hoped for the most was crushed instantly and their farming is interrupted. And sure you get the low level taxis but you can also just start the mission leaving the objective unguarded and watch as they try to defend the objective relentlessly yet failing all the same because they cant handle the heat. cough cough ok time for the but. But think of all the good the community can do! I play on PC and they are always helpful, I had one guy apologize saying he didn't mean to be a douche and just wanted to get the last cake while rushing to the objective! you get people breaking llamas for you and leaving so you can take the resources! I get people who just drop mega powerful weapons! This is because our community is a give give community and when we are given stuff from people, this makes us want to give people stuff because the niceness rubs off, and the cycle continues. Its amazing, what we do. I have had civil conversations about the horrible new camera angle in founders chat! Just reminding you to think about the good things! You don't ever praise the game for doing its job right, you only bash the game when it does its job wrong, and that's like 10% of the time (modified quote from somewhere idk). The whole community is NOT bad at all! Saying so is an over-generalization!


In this discussion I want you guys to tell me about all your positive experiences! all the good players you've come across! 🙂

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