Outlander Ability Revamp

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Outlander Ability Revamp

Lets take the portion of fragment flurry jess that works and apply it to all outlanders.


  • Remove fragments from the map entirely, now that we have hover boards the need for clicking on fragments for speed is gone.

  • As all outlanders kill husks, they gain points in a meter, each time the meter reaches full they gain a turret fragment. This can then be broken up and used in types of outlanders individually, some could reach full meter faster than others through skills or hold overall more total completed fragments.

  • As all outlanders harvest, they gain points in a meter, each time the meter reaches full they gain a llama fragment.


To me this makes more sense for the outlander, as they harvest they are earning points towards getting a llama, as they fight they are earning points towards a turret, so while they are defending they can keep earning more turrets and be more on par with other heroes abilities that are on a CD system.




The only reason I don't like searching for llama fragments, on some maps they can be in caves, or in the nth story of a side room of a tall building. The placement of llama nodes really is rather annoying for how little they actually give you in return. The time spent harvesting alone would be faster in terms of getting materials from a llama via searching for one. I feel as though it would better serve as a bonus to the harvesting you are already doing to give to your team. Hardly anyone on the team now actually activates llamas when they run by them.

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