Outlander Fragment Rework – Design Chat

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Hey Fortnite Fans!
Back again with another Design Chat, this time about our latest Outlander Rework.

State the Problem

So, what are we trying to do with this change? The major problem we’re trying to solve is two fold:

  • Outlander Fragment abilities are “one offs”. They are the only ones that work the way they do, and that makes them confusing to learn for the first time, and harder to balance properly.

  • Due to consideration above, Outlanders don’t get to deploy their Fragment abilities as often as we’d like

While addressing these two issues, we also wanted to make sure we kept true to the “feel” of the Outlander. We didn’t want to cut Fragments or the fun of exploration in finding them – we just wanted to make the gameplay more regular and accessible.
An example of this problem in action is if you’ve ever tried to do a hard SSD with an Outlander. Finding Fragments is hard (Sometimes even impossible), and often times not worth it compared to just building or being another more combat focused Class. Outlanders who are balanced around being able to deploy a T.E.D.D.Y. or three every combat will feel really underpowered in these cases.
What we’re doing
It’s with this in mind that we’re addressing points one and two above in the following direct ways:

  1. Outlander’s Fragment Abilities (T.E.D.D.Y. and Shock Tower) will now have cooldowns and Energy Costs like any other ability in the game.
  2. Outlander’s Fragments will now “empower” these abilities to be better / faster / stronger in some way depending on the ability and Perks.

With this approach, we’re definitely rewarding the Outlander player that likes to collect Fragments and use them (You’ll have a noticeable advantage), but when Fragments are scarce or the mission doesn’t really lend itself towards lots of exploration, Outlanders won’t be at a competitive disadvantage.

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