Outlander + Soldier Meta

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I think we can all agree that the game its becoming Stale in so many ways.

This game its supposed to be played with friends, and with Class variety, but where is that variety when everyone its rocking soldiers or outlanders.

First we need to ask, Why has this become the meta?

Well my friend, How much materials do you waste crafting a stack of 100 small ammo for your rifle ? Its not a lot. and you can take all the ammo you didnt used to another mission with the gun included.

Now how much materials does it cost to put an overpowered Teddy ? How much effort does it need ?


Now lets see how much materials do you waste doing trap tunnels ???

Just the funneling alone requires some level of map knowledge and crowd control, this waste time, and then the traps… witch you only place once and you dont have to shoot a single bullet if you do this correctly but the un-used traps are wasted and you cant transfer them to another mision so its wasted materials.

If you put a trap in the wrong place you CANT take it out again to your inventory. If you build a trap tunnel but the storm moves and the mission didnt told you that until it was about to start then you just wasted a lot of time and materials for a tunnel that wont be used.

So why bother using traps ? Just block the damn husk and shoot.


Do you know the phrase " bringing a knife to a gunfight" Its supposed to express a very stupid scenario where the knife person its on a disadvantage in front of someone who can attack safe and at a distance. Without effort whatsoever.

Now imagine that The person with the knife its weaker than the one that its shooting. Does less damage and has less endurance.

Lets imagine that even if you are good with that knife you can kill 6 or 7 of the enemies Quickly…. but everytime you do you take damage because you are close to the enemies while the one Shooting its Safe and sound.

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thats how ninja and all the melee classes feels to be played in this game. not only the husk are long range to counter the bullet spam of the soldiers and outlanders. But the spam itself makes it difficult to target enemies because by the time you get to the husk its already dead because that urban assault has already dispatch half of them.

Add all the modifiers that are a direct counter to melee:

  • Acid pools

  • Explode deathburst

  • knockback

  • Slow

  • Enraged

And then add all the crowd control husk like:

  • Lobbers
  • Bees
  • and the little ones that targets the person who is closer to them.

Now imagine, you have perfect positioning but new husk spams and there are 3 BLASTERS and 4 gunslingers every single one of them its targeting the ninja …. you are dead..



Right now the AI of the husk focus more on killing the person closer to them, wich is always a ninja or an over extended soldier. Husk may have " classes" but they dont have roles, just like the heroes.

Lobbers, pitchers, Blasters and takers should focus on killing the long range heroes first not the one that its closer to them.

That way there is some "even ground" where ninjas and constructors can shine while not being attacked by every single husk in the game at the same time.

I know lobbers and pitchers try to get away from you but thats not enough.


And the new gunslinger husk. Make them have not only a damage fall off but also remove the perfect accuracy they have.

instead make it Distance related. the closer you are the easier you are to be hit by a gunslinger. right now they can point and shoot at you instantly no matter the distance.


Do you know the Scout or Tracer ? those heroes have very low health because they are faster than other players…. But husk ??? they are no players, they are not smart… why should ninjas have SO LITTLE HP ??? bees,blasters, acid pools, slow, exploding deathburst, mist monsters you name it… everyone of them targeting at you…

INCREASE the HP of ninjas and the damage output with Edge weapons. The DPS of melee should always be more than bullets because its riskier to be so close to the enemy.

And the last one:

  • Un used traps should go to your inventory
  • if you put more of the same traps they should stack on a single one after the mission: for example if i put 4 traps and i finish the mission with the 4 of them with 50% durability they should all stack again in my inventory as a stack of 2 full durability traps.

  • The ability to "un install" a trap without breaking the whole floor.

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