Overprotective Constructor

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Overprotective Constructor

So I met an overprotective constructor, who was also an id*ot, and I desperately, DESPERATELY, want to know what goes through his head.

So I'm playing Horde Bash, watching my trap tunnel when I spot some husks have gotten around the other players and their tunnels so I go and try and plug the hole. I notice the husks are dropping from the roofs so I go up their and discover the husks are spawning up on the cliff, dropping down onto the roof of the tunnel and bypassing the whole thing.

So I do the smart thing and pickaxe the ONE roof tile that is allowing the husks to skip the trap tunnel (which also happens to be at the start of the trap tunnel). Now the tile is upgraded stone, there is a B.A.S.E. affecting it and not to mention the husks are getting in my way, so I'm there for like 30 seconds. While I'm pickaxing the only constructor comes up to where I am, shoots the husks and appears to help me pickaxe the one problematic tile. Tile destroyed, husks fall into trap tunnel and die, job done.


Next wave is my base and immediately the (one & only) constructor starts tearing my base apart, letting husks onto the objective.

Now I'm playing on xbox so typing out a message is slow (and I need to defend my new open plan base) so I wait till the wave is over and I get this imgur

Now I'm dumbfounded, He was there when the husks were dropping onto the roof, he was there watching me pickaxe it (and evidently he wasn't trying to pickaxe the tile he was protesting me?). So he sees the problem, sees me fix it and decides to tear down my base jeopardising the mission for himself and 3 others because of the principle "never touch a constructive building." I want to know if he meant a 'constructors building' or what he meant.

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