Part 3 for Save the World comic.

FortniteBattleRoyale4 - Part 3 for Save the World comic.

In the previous 2 parts of this Save the World comic, Ray came up with a plan to expand on the moon. Not everyone liked that idea, but still ended up on the moon. It then turned into a rescue mission to save Lars from the husks. The group of heroes that found Lars was Dire, Peely, Fishstick, and Rippley, which makes them group 4.

(Lars is now seen sitting on the ground looking up at the survivors who saved him from the husks)

Lars: Thanks guys. I really thought I was gonna be Husk dinner.

Dire: No problem

(Group 2 & 3 then find Lars. Groups 2 & 3 are Anthony, Syd, Carlos, Bull, Luna, Lok, Jonesy, SEE Bot, Ice King, Sarah, Harper, Headhunter, and Raptor. Most of the group are talking amongst each other as soon as Headhunter finds Lars.)

Headhunter: Guys, he’s over….here? (Headhunter confused as to realizing he’s already been found.)


Luna: Yes See Bot, so can we. Thanks for being helpful.

Bull: Woah, who are those guys?

Lok: Is that a giant banana?

(Peely stares at Jonesy)

Jonesy: Uhh, why is he looking at me?

Sarah: So Lars, how do you feel?

Lars: Much better now that the husks are gone. (Lars then takes a look at everyone) Woah, there sure are a lot of you.

Raptor: By any chance you got any food in that van Lars?

Lars: Uhhh, I have some Chinese food leftovers. Let me call Ray and see if she can help us get some food.

Bull: Our rocket was just filled with medkits, JUST MEDKITS! It practically filled the entire rocket.

(Now back to group 1. Everything is fine until Jess finds something.)

Jess: Hey guys, come over here. I want to show you guys something cool

Ken: What is it?

Jess: Ok watch this.

(Jess then pulls Teddy out)

Teddy: ……

Kyle: Is he not working?

Knox: Maybe I can try and help fix it?

Jess: No, wait. I swear to you, this Teddy bear isn’t just a dumb robot we all probably think he is. He was talking to me earlier.

A.C.: And my shock tower will magically make pigs fly (A.C. says sarcastically)

Teddy: Hey! A.C.!


Teddy: That wasn’t nice!

Kyle: Cool! Hey can you also train my base to talk next?

Jess: See? What did I tell you. Cool right?

Teddy: Jess is not a bear! She is my friend.

Penny: Guys, shouldn’t we keep moving? It’s gonna be dark soon and we will have to find a place to camp for the night.

Teddy: Penny. No need to worry. I can help you guys set up camp.

Knox: So much for us placing down our bases.

Kyle: Yeah, but let’s let the Teddy bear help us out.

(Next cutscene. Ray is still in Homebase by herself wile looking through her notes when suddenly she has to deal with a horde of husks)

Ray: Is like the door open or something? It was bad enough I had to deal with one earlier.

Husk: rawwrrr

Ray: Okay! You all asked for it!

(Ray then activates a floor launcher and all of the husks then get thrown out of Homebase)

Ray: phew!

(Ray then checks up on the Earth’s biomes and finds ED-EE hiding inside a cave. Ray then talks to player)

Ray: okay commander. It’s time to make sure everyone is safe!

ED-EE: Uhh, Ray. I’m scared.


Ray: Don’t worry ED-EE, help is on the way. (Ray then talks to herself) Now let’s see, who should go save ED-EE? Should I leave most of the heroes on the moon with Lars? Ok I got it.

(Ray then talks to Hybrid and Dire)

Ray: Hybid. Dire. I need your guy’s help.

Hybrid: Us?

Dire: What for?

Ray: I need you guys to bring ED-EE to the moon with you guys.

Hybrid: I would love to Ray but we’re actually low on food up here. Some people eat like wolves!

Dire: Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

Ray: Okay! I’ll be sending you guys some supplies. (Ray talking to self) Now, should I convince Omega to send the supplies? I see why not. Omega.

Omega: Yes Ray?

Ray: Can you hop on the rocket that’s in Loot Lake? I have hungry mouths to feed on the moon.

Omega: Oh! Ok. I’m on it

(End of cutscene)

(Dire and Hybrid came back on Earth and now trying to find ED-EE. They’re in the Plankerton forest where ED-EE was seen hiding in a cave all alone and scared)

Dire: I can’t believe Ray sent mostly everyone to the moon.


Dire: Oh, so you’re still mad that I ate your hot cheetos?

Hybrid: (softly) maybe

Dire: Well, I’m sorry, ok? If we’re going to find this scared robot, we have to show that we’re strong enough to save him and have to work together.

Hybrid: Alright. I’m sorry for making things feel weird ever since that one time you saw me do the crab rave dance.

Dire: I don’t judge, but those were some cool dance moves.

(Both find ED-EE)

ED-EE: Shhhh, you’ll wake up the smasher?

Dire: What smasher?

(Smasher wakes up and screams, but it is a Smasher with two heads and with giant teeth shaped like shark teeth)

Hybrid: Oh! That smasher.

Dire: wolf howl

(Both Hybrid and Dire proceed to kill the smasher)

Hybrid: DRAGON SLASH!!!!!

(Hybrid’s sword then breaks)

Hybrid: This smasher is too strong for my sword.

Dire: Let me try

(Dire’s sword then breaks)

Hybrid: Great, now we’re all doomed.

(ED-EE then stops shivering and being scared and saves both Hybrid and Dire from the two headed smasher by going constructor)

ED-EE: Take this you ugly smasher!

(Smasher finally dies, then ED-EE stops going constructor and stops to rest)

Hybrid: Those were some nice moves buddy.

Dire: Yeah, nice job dude!

(Dire, Hybrid, and ED-EE quickly huddle together and then head back to Homebase with Ray)

(Omega finally lands on the moon)

Omega: Did y’all want some food?

(Everyone on the moon begin to eat like if it’s Thanksgiving)

(Just as everyone is happily enjoying their food, Omega notices a strange silhouette in the far distance)

Omega: Is that the visitor? What the heck?

(Raptor then shoves a burger in Omega’s face and talks to him with a mouth full if french fries)

Omega: You look hungry, here.

(Omega refuses to eat, as he is left wondering if everyone is being spied on and are at a bigger danger than the husks on the moon. Omega then goes to see the visitor)

Omega: Wh… Where the heck is he?

End of Part 3

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