Patch 6.0.0 – How EPIC managed to piss off everyone that plays Save the World

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– Adds OG music in the Battle Pass for the Other Mode LV 92 (so either you buy it or you play it a lot!) AND you can't put it on Save the World (I would go after it if it is something you really wish in Save the World BC my bet is they wil unlock in the future a locker and you might have missed it)

– Add pets as backblings and still no emotes/locker for Save the World

– Remove V-Buck alerts for no reason at all (Kinda doesn't affect me but I get people pissed about it)

– Remove the ability to draw attention from smashers using decoy – RIP who still had SSDs to do (I felt compelled to finish twine SSD10 before the new patch and did it maybe it was an omen)

– Add a very good way to collect gold while still capping it at 5k

" In addition to featuring a new weapon or hero each week, several old favorites will be returning to the Event Store. " Proceeds to add a Pulverizer to the store what do you mean, who has Pulverizer as favorite? Where is Val, Gravedigger, Snowball Launcher?


– Put the free troll stash in front of the mini llamas, now if you want to use the mini llamas gold you need to forfeit future tickets on the troll stash and open it right away

Maybe is like in the Bible, EPIC is testing us like when Job was tested and we will get the goodies in the future but this is only a dream

That's it, unless that is a very good explanation for that I am going back to Battle Royale. See you back at patch 6.2.0

EDIT: I don't even think EPIC doesn't like us and all, but the feeling is they don't actually feel what the community wants…

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Here we have a bunch of beggars and shitty people, but even I can filter good things and bad things, why can`t they?

I am sad.

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