Patch v9.0 was a step in the right direction

FortniteBattleRoyale1 - Patch v9.0 was a step in the right direction

As much flak as it's getting, v9.00 looks quite promising for the direction it needed to go. The 6 hour alert system was great for the time it was used but only the hardcore players could use it to it's full potential. Storm Sheild's had no point after SSD 10. Play with Others was a mess. But this patch added so much possibility for the game to evolve into something great. Not everything is perfect obviously but there's plenty of work-ability now to move forward.

  • Mission Alert Cooldown being gone is GREAT. Alerts resetting only once per day? Not so much, Going from 4 times to 1 time is a huge jump. I think resetting the alerts every 12 Hours would be a simple compromise here.
  • Weekly quests are a great addition & I look forward to more challenging ones. The rewards seem a bit lackluster though. Getting 240 Gold from a Daily and only 300-500 Gold from the weekly is a bit out of Ratio.
  • WARGAMES!!! Super pumped to try these out. Matchmaking seems a bit wonky right now and some of the modifiers are buggy but Wargames is a fantastic addition that gives people a reason to go back to their SSD's after finishing SSD 10. I don't know how the rewards are overall personally. Hoping this is a step in the right direction towards raids.
  • Storm Shield Restoration. As a Person currently trying to Solo his Twine SSD's. This feature is amazing. Looking forward to the Trap durability being fixed.
  • Community Lookout makes SSD & Wargames help much easier. Easier to grind them Mini Llamas too!
  • Twine Rewards still need some work for sure. Those Blue schematics and XP rewards are a yikes from me.
  • Skeet shooting is actually really fun and super easy to Solo. Like a storm chest for peaceful people.
  • Tales of Beyond is a quest-line with a quite intriguing plot. The Heroes seem very unique and in the little testing I've done, have builds that could work with both of them. Looking forward to part 2 & it's rewards!
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All in All the patch deserves MUCH more appreciation. Yes there's bugs and yes you may have a different opinion, but at least the Epic STW cares. After playing Blackout on BO4 for the past 5 months, I forgot what a real content patch actually looks like. Having someone like u/Magyst actively communicating is so nice compared to other games. It's great to know our voice is actually heard here. So don't look at v9.00 as a bad patch, look at it as the first of many to come that only get better and better.

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