Pathfinder Jess vs Archaeolo-Jess, The Best Farmer, 2 Days of Testing, Here are the Results!

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Pathfinder Jess vs Archaeolo-Jess, The Best Farmer, 2 Days of Testing, Here are the Results!

With several people not able to pull Archaeolo-Jess from their Collection Book, including one of my friends, I was curious to find out if there's another option. There is! The competition is closer than one might think. Here I will describe how I tested Pathfinder Jess and Archaeolo-Jess as Commanders along with the overall statistics. Summary at the bottom. Some supports can be changed depending on your preference, but the ones I used felt solid.

Pathfinder Jess as Commander (50% increased Pickaxe Damage) Loadout:

Team Perk – Long arm of the law

Phase Forward – Recon Scout Eagle Eye / Phased Out – Flash A.C. / Fleet – Fleetfoot Ken

Night Stalker – Dire / Bear with me – Jingle Jess

Archaeolo-Jess as Commander (Anti-Material Charge efficiency increased by 128%) Loadoat:

Same as above, except Pathfinder Jess for Work, Work instead of Jingle Jess

For all tests, I brought Turrets and Adrenaline Rush as my Gadgets, and tried to avoid fighting as much as possible. Nature husks are very annoying when you're trying to be energy efficient, so I would use a turret or quickly block them off with builds so I could keep farming.

The tests (always done in private), 5 missions each:

Plants, Rocks, and Trees:

Non-alert zone Autumn Suburbs. Farm the outside of the map efficiently until I received the day 1 bonus, left the game, noted the results, moved materials to my storage.

Pathfinder Jess Totals(Average):

Char-Black – 580(116) / Rough Ore – 2080 (416) / Planks -1072 (214.4) / Herbs – 182 (36.4)

Archaeolo-Jess Totals(Average):

Char-Black – 576(115.2) / Rough Ore – 2080 (416) / Planks – 1083 (216.6) / Herbs – 169 (32.8)

Cars/Meters/Most electrical Objects:

(Kept the same loadouts as before even though Dire's support doesn't help with this one)

Non-alert zone Autumn City. Set a timer to 5 minutes. Get to the town if I spawn outside before starting the timer. Viewed the map to choose my route and started the timer. After 5 minutes, most of the cars and parking meters will be gone, so it's not worth going any further. Leave the game, note the results, move materials to my storage.

Pathfinder Jess Totals(Average):

Sleek Mechanical Parts – 231 (46.2) / Nuts and Bolts – 962 (192.4)

Archaeolo-Jess Totals(Average):

Sleek Mechanical Parts – 267 (53.4) / Nuts and Bolts – 989 (197.8)


With Archaeolo-Jess' efficient Anti-Material Charge, she shined at destroying more cars while Pathfinder Jess would have to swing 3-4 times for a car here and there. Archaeolo-Jess is around 10% more efficient for farming mechanical parts and N&B in this comparison.

After doing these tests, I thought to myself, "What if I had Pathfinder Jess as Commander and Archaeolo-Jess in support?" Well, self, good question. Here are the results:

Same Pathfinder Jess Loadout as above, add Archaeolo-Jess instead of Jingle Jess for "Strike Cost" (increased 28% AMC efficiency).

Plants, Rocks, and Trees Totals(Average):

Char Black – 591 (118.2) / Rough Ore – 2166 (433.2) / Planks 1158 (118.2) Herbs 180 (36)

Cars, Meters, and electrical objects Totals(Average):

Sleek Mechanical Parts – 293 (58.6) / Nuts and Bolts – 1028 (205.6)

With Pathfinder as Commander and Archaeolo-Jess in support, farming was around 5-10% more efficient than the other loadouts tested in both zones. This is and will be my farming loadout.

In conclusion, to those not able to pull Archaeolo-Jess from your Collection Book, don't worry. Pathfinder Jess is a hero everyone can get and can be upgraded to legendary with flux if needed. She can farm efficiently without the help of Archaeolo-Jess thanks to her strong pickaxe. Again, always farm in private unless you're farming with a friend.

Thanks for checking this out. This took a lot more work than I thought. If you have any questions, feel free and post them. I hope this helps!

PS.: While doing this, I farmed so many crafting materials that I had trouble managing my storage. So, I did what any logical player would do and made it so I had 100 of each trap I use. Here's a screenshot –

Crafting Materials from the 3 tests (not including missions I couldn't count) : Char-Black 1747, Planks 3313, Rough Ore 6326, Herbs 531, Sleek 791, Nuts and Bolts 2979

Also, I discovered and reported somewhere between 15-20 different bugs during this last couple of days. My favorite – using anti-material charge at a rock next to an edge would send you about 3.5 tiles off the edge, which in some cases would be my death, and I would have to start over or add time to the end.

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