Pathing/Funneling guide UPDATED and more adavanced tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Pathing/Funneling guide UPDATED and more adavanced tips

This is a continuation guide from my previous post: horrible stonewood atlas build

  • which is just horrible and i am ashamed of even making it and posting.
  • both pyramid and inverted pyramid are "viable" and can be improved with building around and trapping, do what you like Im just a guy trying to teach some things i learned.
  • Advanced questions
    • Do gas traps damage over time stack?
    • do husks stay slowed/snared after a wooden floor spike? if so for how many tiles?
    • Does leveling up floor wooden spikes increase the snare/slow? (make the husks slower) or higher rarity slow more?
  • The building app that i used for the pictures is Fortiew:


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