Penny’s Workbench: Building Builder Builds (Constructor Loadouts)

FortniteBattleRoyale5 - Penny's Workbench: Building Builder Builds (Constructor Loadouts)

Hello again mates, Catstructor here with a guide on building your hero squads and weapon loadouts to optimize different Constructor classes. This topic was requested after a brief survey a few days ago on my profile here and quite frankly I’m very happy to do it! The world could always use more Constructor heroes.

It is worth noting, this guide was written in the 6.21 / 6.22 build of Save the World – and a DRAMATIC overhaul for the Hero Squad system is currently in development. Meaning, in a few months – this guide may be partially obsolete. Also, the builds I discuss here are purely my subjective takes on what’s effective, interesting, and / or viable in an endgame environment. I do not delve as deeply into the maths and complex damage calculation systems as some other very talented guide creators here on r/Fortnite do. I also do not think every setup I mention here is the only way to run any of the Constructor class heroes. Feel free to suggest your own as well!

This guide both references and has a topical overlap with my guide on Constructor roles, which can be found in two parts here and here as well as my Intermediate Guide to Hammers, here.

I will address each Constructor Subclass in alphabetical order, list 1-2 suggested support and tactical bonuses, and 1-3 weapons to compliment the goal of each build.

For a list of which heroes provide which support / tactical bonuses, see here

That being said, let us begin! 😀

BASE (Kyle, Hype)


Support: Punchy, Tough Traps

Tactical: Power Modulation, Feel The BASE

Loadout: Pulverizer / Husk Stomper, Bundlebuss

Notes: The BASE subclass is a somewhat underwhelming one compared to its more viable BASE-role siblings, HeavyBASE, PowerBASE, and MEGABASE, but you can play to its strengths if you so choose. Punchy increases the damage your hammers deal, but also adds impact – increasing stun frequency and knockback. This is important for BASE heroes to do, so their traps or more damage-specialized teammates can do the damage while the BASE prioritizes other things. Tough traps lets your BASE and build carry more weight in the match, letting you play more reserved on the interior of the BASE class’ ironically smaller BASE range. Power Modulation compliments how beefy BASE can make structures compared to other BASE constructors, letting them heal without taking up the attention of the BASE hero. Feel The BASE is a more aggressive option, increasing the damage of the BASE / build, so the BASE can focus more on keeping the build alive, and longer range threats. Use the Husk Stomper for a blend of better damage and impact, or the Pulverizer for maximum impact and knockback, especially in conjunction with the Punchy Support. The Bundlebuss is fantastic for mid to long range target prioritization from inside BASE range – letting you address lobbers, blasters, smashers, takers, or propane husks before they can deal damage to your build or teammates. Ideally, a BASE subclass hero can completely maintain the area around the objective with their smaller but beefier BASE, address threats that make it into their range with hammer stun or damage, and when not maintaining the base, pick off longer range high priority targets from inside the base.

Controller (Harper, "Hazard"):


Support: Energized / Quick Clip

Tactical: Your Move, Creep / Explosive Rounds

Loadout: Noble Launcher, Candy Corn LMG

Notes: By now, most players are familiar with what Controller wants to do – and there’s a few things you can give it to Crowd Control even better. Energized will boost all energy damage coming from the Controller’s kit. This includes its Plasma Pulse, the Noble Launcher, the Explosive Rounds Detonation or the shockwaves from “Your Move, Creep”, and even hover turret damage. (may be mistaken on that) Quick Clip alternatively will let you reload your noble launcher, or any other launcher if you don’t have one, or prefer something else faster, and get more shots into grouped up enemies swarming your DECOY while they’re still grouped up. Your Move, Creep is *still** occasionally attracting non-objective mist monsters to DECOYs, and it’s worth it just for that- but also, it provides small chip damage to the crowds around DECOY. Explosive Rounds will increase your crowd clear potential when firing into groups around DECOY, benefitting from Energized as well. The Noble Launcher is simply one of the best things to fire into a group of tightly grouped enemies; and it synergizes with the Energized Support Bonus. The Candy Corn LMG is also great for spraying into a crowd around Decoy, and gets even more out of Explosive Rounds. It also has the benefit of littering the area with healing, which Controllers appreciate for when those mist monsters rudely ignore your Decoy.*

Demolitionist (Penny, Bull, 8-bit):


Support: Quick Clip / Fast Build

Tactical: Decoy Stun / Where We’re Going We Need Roads

Loadout: Noble Launcher, Bazooka / Jack-O-Launcher

Notes: Demolitionist wants to spam explosives while standing in their BASE area, and there’s several things you can put into your loadout to compliment that. Quick Clip increases the already fast reload speed Demo gets on launchers, letting them spam more. Fast build for an alternative, lets them get forward towers up more quickly to adjust to changing spawns – so they can establish an area to use their BASE from on the fly. Decoy Stun is better for the forward non-objective Demo, and Where We’re Going We Need Roads lets a Demo move faster when they’re spamming explosives from their BASE area, which they should always be inside of – and therefore always benefit from. The Noble Launcher is better from a more objective area, while the Bazooka is better further from the objective, considering Propane Tanks.

Electro-Pulse (Penny):


Support: Ability Damage / Energized

Tactical: Feel The BASE

Loadout: Lead Sled

Notes: Electro-Pulse is often ignored because of its wonky hybrid-role archetype, but you can optimize it for either the BASE or DPS constructor role with some clever loadout building. Ability Damage may seem odd given Electro-Pulses investment into Plasma Pulse, which is a notoriously weak ability, but Ability Damage will also buff Electrified Floors, Fully Contained, and Kinetic Overdrive / Overload’s damage- as well as Plasma Pulse and Bull Rush. Energized will also increase all of those except Bull Rush, but will also boost your Lead Sled’s damage, if it happens to be energy. Feel the BASE is simply the best tactical for Electro-Pulse due to how its BASE works like a large-scale trap of its own, damaging everything standing in it and attacking any structures. Electro-Pulse also very much appreciates help with damage. The Lead Sled is usable over other more standard hammers here, because the Electro-Pulse class benefits greatly from constantly swinging similar to Syd, and stacking Kinetic Overdrives into crowds of husks.

Guardian (Bull, Knox, Penny):


Support: Actuated Attacks / Hammer Critical Chance

Tactical: Hearty Strikes / Stun Baton or Corrosion

Loadout: Lead Sled

Notes: Guardian has an interesting niche it can fill with proper specc’ing, and be surprisingly adept at protecting an objective with nothing but a hammer with the proper loadout. Actuated attacks will increase the base damage of hammers, which is helpful, but Hammer Critical Chance will allow you to run double crit damage on your hammers, and reach a higher overall damage output. Hearty Strikes will keep the Guardian alive and in the fray much longer, providing very commendable healing with the rapid attack speed of the lead sled after startup, and Stund Baton or Corrosion are more aggressive options to prioritize handling enemies over survival. Stun Baton will let your build or teammates capitalize on what Guardian does more with knockback and stun, while Corrosion will let the Guardian carry more weight in the defense on its own, with slow and affliction. The Lead Sled is optimal for Guardian based on Exit Plan and potentially the Hammer Critical Chance Support increasing Crit Rate with no extra investment, and the fact that Guardian is comfortable doing nothing else in its base besides swinging away to maximize its contributions to the team.

HeavyBASE (Kyle):


Support: Energized / Tough Traps

Tactical: Power Modulation

Loadout: Noble Launcher

Notes: Simply superb at managing a Trap Tunnel, HeavyBASE doesn’t need much to be effective, and can work with almost anything. Energized will actually provide damage from Feel The BASE than Ability Damage will, and has the bonus of increasing Noble Launcher Damage as well. Tough Traps however provides a strong alternative, since HeavyBASE naturally increases Trap Reload speed, and on longer defenses, you will actually see traps run their full durability on occasion. Power Modulation is simply the best for HeavyBASE’s tactical, as it provides longevity to the beautiful trap tunnels and aggressive defenses HeavyBASE produces, while remedying the fact that his BASE doesn’t do much for structures. The Noble launcher, besides benefitting from Energized, is also less risky to fire into trap tunnels than other launchers – and can go *through** walls and other buildings HeavyBASE is fighting near to pick up kills.*

Hotfixer (Hazard, Penny):


Support: Hotfix / Pre-Planning

Tactical: Survivalist / Where We’re Going We Need Roads

Loadout: Dragonfly or Old Betsy, Bundlebuss, Husk Stomper

Notes: Hotfixer is practically a support class, focused entirely on resource management, and building / repairing – but it has some interesting tricks and a helpful niche it can fill. A Hotfixer with the Hotfixer Support Bonus can heal walls faster than almost any enemy can damage them. This includes a smasher or multiple husks. Pre-Planning will also stack with Hotfixers innate bonuses, to let them build for extremely low material costs; in missing with the ‘building constructors’ modifier- this should lower it to either 3 or 5 material per structure. Survivalist is just for healing while inside the BASE range, or out in the world – and to free up a Gear slot for something besides Adrenaline Rush. Where We’re Going We Need Roads will let the Hotfixer get around the BASE faster and tend to more repairs in different places quickly. The Dragonfly or Old Betsy is for sniping, obviously – from a very removed position. Hotfixer should always be in the BASE, acquiring mats from its BASE and picking off long range threats to the build. Bundlebuss provides higher damage at a slightly shorter range for things like Smashers. The Husk Stomper is for engaging threats while trying to make repairs or revive teammates. Ideally, a hotfixer can snipe from a safe position if teammates prevent husks from reaching the base, or just tend the structures if teammates are allowing enemies in close; or soloing a mission.

Kinetic Beats (Syd):


Support: Hammer Critical Chance / Ability Damage

Tactical: Hearty Strikes, Corrosion

Loadout: Lead Sled, Whalloper

Notes: Syd wants to hit things, plain and simple – maximize his damage output for that strategy, and he becomes a powerful melee DPS. Hammer Critical Chance in support compliments Syd’s innate crit chance boost with hammers, and allows him to run double crit damage on his weapons. Ability Damage, alternatively – will increase the damage of the Kinetic Overloads with Kinetic Overdrive he clears crowds with. Hearty Blows keeps him alive in hordes of enemies longer, and healing increases with the faster swing rate of the Lead Sled. Corrosion will help him deal with Smashers and beefier Targets better, as it applies slow and corrosion on the critical hits he gets constantly. The Lead Sled is his workhouse weapon, as it can maximize on his innate crit chance and attack speed bonuses, only increasing in efficacy the longer he’s swinging – and the whallper as an alternative capitalizes on his heavy attack energy cost reduction, and lets him move between targets rapidly with its heavy leap attack.

Machinst (Harper, Thora)


Support: Hit ‘em While They’re Down / Pre-Planning

Tactical: Feel The BASE / Power Modulation

Loadout: Noble Launcher / Pulverizer

Notes: Machinist is the trap queen, and it’s easy to build around her specialization. Hit ‘em While They’re Down will increase your weapon and trap damage against stunned and knocked down enemies, an underutilized way to increase the efficiency of trap tunnel combinations utilizing wall and floor launchers with ‘time-out-rooms” (rooms full of damage traps that launchers knock husks into). If you don’t need that damage boost, or aren’t using launchers – Pre-Planning will let you build far more for much less of the material cost. Feel The BASE turns the Machinist’s area of control into an even more insurmountable killing field; and puts it further above HeavyBASE for trap tunnel damage. For a less aggressive and more conservative build, Power Modulation gives the Machinist’s buildings more longevity as opposed to damage output. The Noble Launcher again is safest to fire into trap tunnels with, and can hit husks through the Machinists own structures, and the Pulverizer is ideal for a quick swap to knock husks around or back into traps with.



Support: Pre-Planning / Energized

Tactical: Feel the BASE / Power Modulation

Loadout: Wraith or Tiger / Noble Launcher

Notes: MEGABASE is a very popular BASE class constructor that isn’t too specialized or at all niche; he builds a big base and he builds it well. Pre-Planning lowers the material cost of structurs, so MEGABASE never has to worry about placing hundreds of floor tiles for husks to walk over and start taking damage from electric floors even a good distance from the BASE. Energized will increase that damage, as well as your weapon damage with Noble Launcher, or should your wraith or tiger be energy, that as well. Those damage boosts are meaningful; since MEGABASE doesn’t actually have much in the way of combat boosting perks. Feel The BASE can help remedy that; providing an occasional burst of damage to enemies close enough – and for a more defensive build, Power Modulation will provide all the numerous structures MEGABASE’s BASE reaches with self healing. The Wraith or Tiger works well with MEGABASE due to the fact that he has a larger area than any other constructor to take care of; and less combat specialization to help him do it. Even PowerBASE has more damage coming from his BASE , so MEGABASE definitely appreciates a high DPS automatic weapon. The Noble Launcher is again; easy to clear crowds with, safer for trap tunnels, and goes through friendly structures – as well as benefits from Energized should you be using it. Ideally, a MEGABASE has husks constantly taking damage, even without traps from walking a long distance over electric floors to reach the objective, where the MEGABASE has been peppering them with ranged fire from for some time.

Plasma Specialist (Izza, Penny):


I am deliberately omitting Plasma Specialist from this guide, as I’m doing a separate more-in-depth guide for Plasma Specialist independently. It will be titled in correspondence with the build for Plasma Specialist, “The Energizer Bunny-Penny”.

PowerBASE (Knoxx, Penny, Kyle):


Support: Tough Traps / Ability Damage

Tactical: Feel The BASE

Loadout: Bundlebuss, Husk Stomper

Notes: PowerBASE is a top-tier BASE Constructor that can go a number of different ways in specialization. Tough Traps will keep his large area of defenses online for longer extended objectives and solo SSD’s. Ability Damage is mainly for increasing the damage reflected to melee attackers of BASE-fortified structures, making the BASE-covered area like a large-scale trap. Feel The BASE doesn’t have much competition for a tactical ability since the PowerBASE already getsPower Modulation and functions as a BASE role. The Bundlebuss is exchangeable for a number of other AR’s, its advantage being time to kill on smashers and being able to deal with Blasters, lobbers, and takers quickly. The Husk Stomper is for dealing with threats while maintaining the BASE.

Riot Control (Izza, Hazard):


Support: Ability Damage / Hit ‘em While They’re Down

Tactical: Dragon Daze / Stun Baton

Loadout: Pulverizer, Dragons Fist

Notes: A bit of an oddbal but underrated CC / DPS hybrid subclass, building for the niche specialization of knockback and stun can be very rewarding for Riot Control. To try and capitalize on Plasma Pulse, alongside Riot Control’s signature ability ‘Plasma Pulse Blast’ Ability Damage will do you more favors; but that relies on Plasma Pulse – which is widely regarded as a bad move. Hit ‘em While They’re Down provides a very intricate synergy opportunity between Support, Tactical, and Weapon loadouts for Riot Control – increasing the damage you do to stunned, staggered, and knocked down enemies. Dragon Daze will stun all enemies around you when your shield breaks, letting you trigger that damage bonus – or, Stun Baton lets you stun almost all enemies hit for a solid duration, again providing an opportunity for damage bonus. The Pulverizer is ideal for knocking enemies back due to its impact per hit, but the Dragon’s fist will provide a surprisingly high DPS boost for this build in particular. By default the Dragon’s Fist comes with Damage, Critical Rating, Critical Damage, and Damage to Stunned, staggered, and knocked down targets. This will compliment and stack with the support bonus, and either tactical bonus option especially well. Ideally, Riot Control should be fighting close range around their own Decoy, using Plasma Pulse and whatever bonuses they have to maximize damage output.

Sentinel (Hype):


Support: Ability Damage / Energized

Tactical: Explosive Rounds / Your Move, Creep

Loadout: Noble Launcher, Candy Corn LMG

Notes: Very similar to Controller, but with slightly more focus on Plasma Pulse, Sentinel is another sleeper CC / DPS class that can specc for ability or weapons focus. Sentinel does get more use out of Ability Damage than Controller due to its better Plasma Pulse, but Energized will help it with both Plasma Pulse and the Noble Launcher’s much more reliable crowd clear around the DECOY radius. Explosive Rounds helps eliminate more enemies in groups especially around the DECOY, particularly with the Candy Corn LMG’s spray going into mobs. Your Move Creep still has a chance to attract non-objective mist monsters to the Decoy, and provides a bit of damage to everything being attracted. The Noble Launcher and Candy Corn LMG, as previously stated – are superb options for firing into a large crowd. The Noble launcher also benefits from energized, and the Candy Corn LMG will work wonders with Explosive Rounds, and provides healing for the Controller in case things get too hairy near the DECOY, or some mist monsters aren’t being attracted.

Tank (Penny):


Support: Punchy / Hammer Critical Chance

Tactical: Corrosion / Hearty Strikes

Loadout: Pulverizer / Husk Stomper / Lead Sled

Notes: Tank Penny is the thicc chick that hits shit; build her loadout with anything to help her do that and she’s an extremely powerful melee hero. Punchy gives a moderate damage boost, and and impact boost – which contributes to damage and CC. With punchy slotted it’s regular to knock smashers around every few his, rendering them completely incapable of anything. For a higher DPS option, Hammer Critical Chance in support synergizes with Tank’s natural Crit Chance boost, letting you run double Crit Damage on your hammer. Corrosion maximizes the CC capabilities of Tank, especially with Punchy. A single crit will stack Slow (60%), Affliction, Stun, and Snare if your weapon has it on an enemy – making this the most debilitating hit possible in the entire game. Hearty Blows is also an option if you find yourself going down too often; as healing on every few hits should provide you constant healing. The Pulverizer is best if you only run 1-2 hammers and 1-2 ranged weapons, since it has the most immediate impact delivered the fastest, the Husk Stomper is best for a blend of damage and impact, and the Husk Stomper is better if you’re ignoring ranged weapons altogether. Ideally, a Tank Player has a funnel or bottleneck set up where they can batter crowds of husks continually, stopping everything that tries to pass with high impact damage and status conditions.

Vintage-Tech (Penny):


Support: Ability Damage / Energized

Tactical: Survivalist / Stormborne

Loadout: Whatever your best weapons are (energy if you have them).

Notes: Vintage-Tech is unfortunately disadvantaged by its reliance on Plasma Pulse, its lack of reliance on anything else, and the functionality it uniquely applies to Plasma Pulse. Your best bet is to use Ability Damage to try and make the most of your Plasma Pulse, or if you’re going to ignore that – use Energized to slightly boost its power, and hopefully increase some of your energy weapons damage, because Vintage-Tech needs as many boosts as she can acquire. The tactical Survivalist anticipates you taking damage regularly, but has the advantage of healing you in case of weapons kills, or managing to kill husks with your Malfunctioning Plasma Pulse (that’s not me being mean, that’s what the final upgrade for this class is called). Stormborne will help if you’re running a hammer on Vintage Tech, possibly with Energized increasing the Kinetic Overload damage as well – by providing a movement speed buff on melee kill, allowing you to reach a better location to set up a malfunctioning plasma pulse quickly. The weapons don’t matter much for Vintage Tech, since she’s not specialized in any ranged or hammer weapons, but hammers can help since she at least gets Kinetic Overload. Fighting with a hammer in a malfunctioning Plasma Pulse can also lure enemies into it. Ideally, you build a chokepoint for Vintage Tech to deploy Malfunction Plasma Pulses at regularly, and she camps it with a hammer or ranged weapon.

Warden (Kyle):


Support: Actuated Attacks / Hammer Critical Chance

Tactical: Bloody Bull / Stormborne

Loadout: Lead Sled, Husk Stomper

Notes: Similar to Guardian with a lot more healing / sustain for himself and his team, the Warden can actually build in a lot of directions with his loadout. Thanks to Bull Crush and Rushed Rush, Warden gets a very regular buff to base hardware damage – which stacks nicely with Actuated attacks. If you go for the more lucrative Crit-based option however, stacking Hammer Critical Chance with the crit bonus of Exit Plan allows you to double up on Crit Damage on your hammer, providing markedly higher damage for melee combat. Bloody Bull is an uncommon option to consider, but Warden is one of the few to have a use for it, since he wants to Bull Rush as often as possible in order to maximize hardware damage. It also synergizes with any weapons you use ‘Damage to Afflicted’ on, which isn’t a bad idea given how Bull Rush / Rushed Rush / Bloody Bull / Bull Crush all work. Stormborne will further increase your movement speed to let you engage more targets all over the BASE while getting melee kills; and give Warden a way to get a movement bonus outside of his BASE range. The Lead Sled works since Warden should be swinging away more than firing; and the Husk Stomper is for when you need immediate damage without the wind up of the Lead Sled after running any distance.

Well that covers everyone; (except Plasma Specialist – I’ll have the “Energizer Bunny Penny guide later this weekend) all in one post! I hope this helps some people trying to figure out constructors, or some veterans who aren’t sure what to do with subclasses they may not be so familiar with!


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