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Hello again friends, Catstructor Penny here to dish out an admittedly somewhat late breakdown on that new hammer, the Lead Sled. I’m going to reference my previous guide on hammers a fair bit in this – so here’s a link to that – titled Intermediate Guide to Hammers

You’ll notice consecutive numbers for things like swing speed, Raw DPS, and IPS – because I’m trying to take into account the innate swing speed bonus Lead Sled gets per hit from its sixth perk. I’ve separated them from the main stat numbers, so it’s easier to read!

Lets take a look at the beast to begin:


Lead Sled

Damage 89

Swing Speed .75 Seconds
/ .705 / .66 / .62 / .58 / .55

Raw DPS: 118.67
/ 126.2 / 134.8 / 143.5 / 153.4 / 161.8

Crit Chance 15%

Crit Damage 50%

Durability 375

Durability per Use 0.45

Impact 429

IPS / Impact per sec. 572
/ 608.5 / 650 / 691.9 / 739.6 / 780


Tank: A

Kinetic Beats: A

Warden: B

General / Non-spec: C

Notes: The most comparable hammer thus far in the game to the Lead Sled, is actually the Husk Stomper. Both are a slightly quicker model than the Doomhammer / Dragon’s Fist Variant, with more impact and damage than the VIndertech Slammer. The Lead Slead begins with a swing speed equal to the Stomper, and slower than the Slammer – but it surpasses every hammer in swing speed after the third hit. Its initial damage is slightly below the Stomper, so it does rely on that swing speed for its DPS, but after only two hits it does the most raw DPS of any hammer, surpassing the Stomper and continuing to very impressive numbers by the time it maxes its speed on the fifth hit. Similarly with its impact – its base stat is low, but relies on the increasing swing speed for effectiveness. Its Impact per second starts higher than the Whalloper and the Slammer, and climbs past everything else by the fourth hit, including the ludicrous punch of the Pulverizer.


Tank will appreciate the option to increase its base swing speed, and still benefit from her innate hammer buffs. Her natural bulk will also let her comfortable reach max swing speed in the thick of battle, to actually take advantage of the maxed impact / damage per second on targets like Smashers, whom she should be focusing. Kinetic Beats is the best user of the Lead Sled appropriately, and it’s the best weapon he can use at the moment. His innate swing speed buff to hammers that no other class has, allows him to run more crit rate / damage buffs on the lead sled, and less atttack speed – making it more viable for him than any other class. His skills definitely appreciate a max swing speed hammer too, and the heavy attack can be utilized more by him than anyone else. Warden has less hammer specific buffs, but definitely gets a lot out of a fast swinging weapon with his mid-fight sustain from healing on hit. Non-hammer-specced heroes will get less out of the Lead Sled than you might imagine, due to its unremarkable performance before maxing its swing speed, encouraging them to run swing speed in one of its perk slots. This isn’t a bad idea, but opting for anything non crit-rate / crit damage does hinder its performance comparatively to other hammers – who may not have the speed after multiple hits, but will pass it up easily in Damage per hit, and potentially overall. It’s also worth noting that without affliction or snare as a sixth perk, the fifth perk can only be reasonably populated by Damage to stunned / staggered / knocked back or Damage to Mist Monsters, unless you plan on afflicting / snaring with another trap or weapon.


So in summary, the Lead Sled’s base stats are around average, slightly below maybe – but it does become the MOST damaging and impactful hammer after a couple hits connect. The trick with using it to greater effect than any other hammer in the game, is obviously reaching and maintaining the max speed as quick as possible. So it should NOT be used, as just a flinger killer, or hot swap for when your Outlander get surrounded while farming. It will lose out to other hammers in those situations, which is why I STRONGLY recommend that if you’re using the Lead Sled, use a hammer focused hero too. And if you use a Hammer focused hero, few things can even come close to the Lead Sled in sustained combat, in both damage and utility.

As far as rolls go – using it on different heroes warrants different perk combinations. Swing speed will help if you’re running Tank, since she has some natural crit rate / damage perks, and you can supplement that with a support slot pick. Kinetic Beats can run more crit rate / damage, since he has an innate attack speed with it. Keep in mind with both though, the attack speed slots help you get to its max quicker, and push the max speed further – but you are sacrificing crit perks with each one. If you are determined to run it with a non-hammer-spec hero, you’ll probably want the swing speed as well.

Should you buy it? Yes.

Shadowshard or Obsidian? Shadow if you're doing swing speed perks, Obsidian is fine honestly if you're doing more crit stuff.

I think that should address everything –

Anywho, that’s all for now- and I hope this helped! Catstructor out.

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