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(I had to censor a certain phrase to get this past the supremely intelligent automod. You’ll know what I mean when you see it.)

Hey mates, anybody take a look at that new HAMMER?!(Here’s a picture, because hammers in/and save the world are so under-appreciated, you cannot even find a picture of this thing on google image search)

I’ll say it upfront; the thing’s a monster. It’s practically the ultimate hammer, both for any constructor or any non-constructor. Yes, I would go so far as to say this thing EXCEEDS the capabilities of the Lead Sled. Largely because of what it can roll, and the sixth perk options it can have.

But lets start at the beginning. And for this, I will compare it directly to the Lead Sled, so my claims can be measured on an objective basis.


Smasher Basher Base Stats:

Damage: 93

Raw DPS: 105.7 / 264.2 with 2 legendary quality attack speed perks (yes it can do that)

Crit Chance: 20%

Crit Damage: 75%

Attack Speed: 88 Seconds / .352 with 2 legendary quality attack speed perks (yes it can do that)

Durability: 375

Durability per Use: 0.53

Impact: 531

Impact per second: 603 / 1,508 with 2 legendary quality attack speed perks (yes it can do that)

Okay, okay – not bad, now let’s see that Lead Sled-

Lead Sled Base Stats:

Damage: 89

Raw DPS: 118.67 / 126.2 / 134.8 / 144.7 / 156 / 169.5 / 296 with max stacks of bonus with 1 legendary quality attack speed perk

Crit Chance: 15%

Crit Damage: 50%

Attack Speed: .75 Seconds / .705 / .66 / .615 / .57 / .525 / ..3 at max stacks of bonus with 1 legendary quality attack speed perk

Durability: 375

Durability per Use: 0.45

Impact: 429

Impact per second: 572 / 1,430 with max stacks of bonus with 1 legendary quality attack speed perk.


So there they are side by side, lets break those numbers down.


Let’s start with:

Crit Stats: Smasher Basher makes the Lead Sled look like it came out of Stonewood. Smasher Basher has a perfect; ideal base 20% crit chance, and beefy base 75% crit damage. Stack that against the Lead Sled’s base 15% crit chance, and 50% crit damage, and the Smasher Basher is coming out with 133% base crit rate, and 150% base crit damage compared to the Lead Sled.

But I can hear my Steel Wool Hammer brethren saying now; “Okay, so the crit stats are impressive – but that’s not what we use any hammer for. WE want attack speed, to maximize the number of Kinetic Overdrives we can apply!” Well, have I got news for you.

Attack Speed: Up front, just from the raw stats, you would think – “Ah yes, here’s where the Lead Sled must still have a significant advantage. It has a naturally faster swing speed, and it’s got that sixth perk – “Hitting an enemy with this weapon grants +6% attack speed for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.” to to keep it ahead even with perks! WRONG. Because of what the Smasher Basher has in its options for each perk slot; it can run TWO attack speed perks, AND STILL run a Crit Rate perk! Even with that; your last perk slot options are still Movement Speed, Damage, Impact, or Armor! You don’t even have to make the weapon an unreasonable build to give it the two attack speed perks! What this means, is that the Smasher Basher can, if you choose – run a CONSTANT 60% attack speed bonus, without the need to hit enemies first, to build up speed.

So while the base stats are a .88 seconds per swing on the Smasher Basher, to the .75 seconds per swing on the Lead sled – the Lead Sled needs at least a 54% bonus (4 hits on top of the perks’s 30% bonus) to beat the constant swing speed of the fastest Smasher Basher. Even at 3 stacks of bonus attack speed and a maxed perk totalling a 48% attack speed bonus, the Lead Sled still takes .39 seconds per swing to the double maxed perk Smasher Basher’s .352 seconds per swing. And again, the Lead Sled is leagues behind without stacking up that bonus – and only surpasses the Smasher Basher in attack speed AFTER connecting 4 hits. If I were better at math, I’d do a comparison of how many attacks each can get in a given amount of time assuming constant attack speed for both, and see how long it takes the Lead Sled to catch up to the Smasher Basher… but honestly I’m not that good at math.

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So the Smasher Basher can be a more consistently faster Hammer, but how does that coincide with its-

Damage: Plain and simple the Smasher Basher trounces the Lead Sled. It has a higher base value, its higher crit values compliment that, and if you preferred a raw single hit damage build the Smasher Basher is essentially the Gravedigger of Hammers; it can roll: Crit Rating, Damage, Crit Damage, and Attack Speed. Or that last Attack Speed could be damage to snared, if yours snares, and you’re boring. But really; plain and simple – the Smasher Basher holds all the cards when it comes to damage. The Lead Sled can’t even run Attack speed and crit rating alongside any other damage perks, besides a conditional which it can’t use since it’s sixth perk is locked to the stacking attack speed.

Lastly –


Utility: Now there is one reason some people (myself included) will never completely forget about the Lead Sled due to the Smasher Basher, and that is their heavy attacks. We all know the Lead Sled has the fantastic and very fun leap heavy. But the Smasher Basher, for better or worse – has the whirlwind blow heavy. Perhaps this is for the best, as a lot of hammers have had the leap heavy lately, and they can’t all do that. The utility of the Lead Sled’s leaping heavy is profound; as it can move you from one target to the next with extreme speed, or just be used with heavy attack efficiency to travel around the map in a fast and silly fashion.

But besides heavy attacks; the Smasher Basher once again… completely surpasses the Lead Sled in utility options. Remember that hammer we all got a chuckle out of, for being able to run double movement speed, or double damage resistance? Well the Smasher Basher too; can run double movement speed – or double Armor. (Armor is admittedly less viable to stack now after the changes.) But get this; because of its perk layout – the Smasher Basher can run double movement speed AND crit rating + crit Damage. Or, double movement speed AND attack Speed + Crit Rating. The potential perk combinations for this hammer are just absurd.

It’s also got an option I’ve never seen before; due to the fact that it can have multiple Impact slots; you could set it to have; Crit Rating, Impact (60% for 1 maxed perk) Impact, attack speed. That’s 30% attack speed, 30 Crit Rating, and 120% impact. You’d bloody well give smashers a concussion. Nothing you hit would be able to move. You’d be stunning husks, and batting around smashers like a kid with a football.

Oh; and all this on top of its new sixth perk: After Eliminating 5 enemies with this weapon within 15 seconds, regnerate 25% of your shield over 3 seconds. That’s right; just 5 husks killed with the smasher basher – regenerates a full quarter of your shield. (given you kill them within 15 seconds, but a horde is often more than 5 husks so this is usually guaranteed) And killing just 20, is a full shields worth of regen. This thing is a melee constructor’s dream; for sustainability. It can ACTUALLY keep you in the fight, possibly even against exploding deathburst depending on your build and character. That aspect of this, cannot be understated. Any character with this has more mid-fight shield regen than anything else in the game, except the pre-nerf plasma specialist, who got 50% back instantly with her plasma pulse. But nobody remembers that.

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So speaking of those perks, I’d like to spell out the options for each slot here, and drop a few potential builds, so it’s visible which exact combinations this can have; as WELL AS its new potential sixth perk.

First slot:

Crit Rating / Crit Damage / Damage / Heavy Attack Efficiency / Attack Speed

Second slot:

Movement Speed, Damage, Impact, Armor

Third slot:


Fourth slot:

Crit Rating / Crit Damage / Damage, / Heavy Attack Efficiency / Impact

Fifth slot:

Movement Speed / Attack Speed / Life Leech / Armor / Damage to slowed or snared targets

Sixth slot:

Snares targets / After Eliminating 5 enemies with this weapon within 15 seconds, regnerate 25% of your shield over 3 seconds.

Look at alllll those options. And that new sixth perk, again, can’t undersell that. Midfight sustain is SO valuable for melee. So who wants what?

Steel Wool Syd – Give Syd his attack speed.

  • Attack Speed
  • Movement Speed or Armor
  • Energy
  • Crit Rating
  • Attack Speed
  • 5 kill shield regen

Tank Penny – She could benefit from a couple builds, it really depends on which way you play her. DPS or CC.

The Damage Tank:

  • Crit Rating
  • Damage
  • Energy
  • Crit Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • 5 Kill Shield Regen

The CC Tank:

  • Crit Rating
  • Impact
  • Energy
  • Impact
  • Attack Speed
  • Snares

*Note: This set is new to me, and I haven’t tested it. The idea is to be able to stunlock and knockback everything in 1 hit if possible, including stunning smashers in 1 hit. 1 impact perk may be enough to achieve that, especially if using Punchy support bonus. I’m not sure because I haven’t been able to test this yet. If only 1 impact perk is necessary, the second perk should be movement speed or armor. The sixth slot could also be 5 kill shield regen, but I’m theorizing Stun, snare, and affliction on every hit through the weapon snare, corrosion tactical ability affliction, and the impact stun.

General non-hammer heroes:

  • Crit Rating
  • Movement Speed or Armor
  • Any element
  • Crit Damage
  • Attack Speed
  • 5 Kill Shield Regen

So there you have it; the Smasher Basher. A monster hammer. I’ve already put mine to 130 and it’s bloody brilliant; but I honestly need more EPIC PERK UP PLEASE. Sitting on 5k legendary. No more Epic though. Once that happens I’ll have this baby maxed right away. Sorry for any fans of the Lead Sled, I was just using it as a metric! I hope you all get a chance to pick this one up, and get good use out of it. I expect that CC build may be helpful in FROST-NARF once the enemies get to PL 200 and up, because it’s more about stunning them and stalling for time at that point.

Cheers and I hope this helps!

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