Performance reached a new low V.2 – now with video benchmarks

FortniteBattleRoyale2 - Performance reached a new low V.2 - now with video benchmarks

In response to these, successfully ignored, topics:

I now went the extra mile to show how utterly and completely f*ed the performance of StW currently is and made full fledged benchmark grade videos of it.

Recorded with GeForce Experience, 1920×1080, 60 FPS, 25k bitrate – raw footage uploaded. (YT prolly still encoded it)

Overlay by MSI Afterburner & Rivatuner. Hardware polling rate for everything was set to 100ms in both programs, so we get 10 updates on hardware activity per second, hence the crazy going numbers but we want to be as precise as possible.

System specs are on YT, in the video description.


(if you have no idea what you are looking at, the bottom line is, every time there is a huge spike in the bottom graph called "frametimes", the game freezes for around half a second)


STW Video #1:

Testing with FPS capped, uncapped, vsync and high/low graphic settings:

STW Video #2:
with a FPS cap forced on via Rivatuner, game FPS uncapped, everything on epic, effects on high, motion blur off:

And here are some other benches as references on how proper gameplay should approximately look:

the Witcher 3:

Settings: everything maxed, hairworks on everything with x2 AA +some mods for visual fidelity.

TW: Warhammer 2:

Settings: mixture of high & ultra, with SSR & depth of field off.

Apex Legends:

(competetive settings, low mostly.)

Essentially what we are seeing in StW is, that while the FPS as well as majority of frametimes by itself can be somewhat fixed (by a 3rd party tool), we still get hughe, unreasonable spikes in the frametimes every 5~ seconds that end up in microstutter, which – for me – freezes the game for around half a second. Also if you hear the sound cut out or the game just freeze, that is also new since 9.0.

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(don't know what frame times are? Here is a quick explanation right on the first reply:
Other than that I suggest Gamers Nexus, DigitalFoundry & Battle(non)sense, all on youtube, to educate yourself further on actual PC games performance which goes way beyond your average benchmark reviewers knowledge.)

As I already stated in my previous post about this issue, I tested & verified this on two PC’s, one with W7 and one with W10.
I even tested with Lan, WLan and my cellphone 4G internet, just to rule possible network problems out too, with no difference.

So I guess I’ll be sitting here, like the shopping cart for the epic store and wait for somebody to finaly take notice.

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