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Hey guys, Whitesushi here. I recently created a new tab on my spreadsheet titled "TempCalc". This is a temporary perk combination calculator that let's you figure out what the best perks are for a weapon based on the available perk options. As usual, I have broken down my post into themed sections namely some disclaimers, how it works, how you can start using it and finally some observations so you can skip ahead to the section you are interested in.

If anyone feels that you have seen this post a few hours ago, you must've been on sleep deprivation so bad from playing Fortnite after the patch that you hallucinated, I actually posted it and deleted the post afterwards due to some inaccuracies in the formula which turned out to be a pain in the ass to correct on mobile (was out)


With all posts come disclaimers. Firstly I would like to say that the calculations aren't perfect. There are inaccuracies due to the lack of a concrete formula for calculating diminishing returns in critical rating. Unless Epic Games are willing to reveal the formula, it is unlikely that the formula would be corrected anytime soon. It is also worth noting that there are some rounding issues with critical rating (really minor, like < 0.5% critical chance at most) in my formula which I do not intend to spend too much time correcting at the moment but should be fixed in about 2 weeks time.

Secondly, I tried to update all critical chance values in my "ranged" tab (where the calculator pulls values from) using the replace function and did not manually check each individual weapon (don't have the time for that at the moment). As such if you find that a critical chance value is inaccurate…. don't message me about it. Instead, just update it for yourself in the "ranged" tab. I will make the changes when I review the sheet in about 2 weeks time.

Lastly, my perspective of "best" comes solely from that of damage per shot and damage per second. As such, it doesn't really take into account weapon performance and user experience. A good example of this is how the calculator tends to value magazine size over reload speed in terms of damage per second calculation. However in real practice, users will rarely find themselves only reloading when their magazines are empty, especially for those of us who suffer from compulsive reloading…. wait is that even a term?

How it works

If you don't care about the formula behind it or isn't too math savvy, then this section isn't for you. However if you do, then you have come to the right place. First I'm going to explain how the spreadsheet tab works.

  1. I first setup the 6 columns representing the 6 slots you can roll on your weapon as seen here

  2. Next, a combination of spreadsheet functions like transpose, split, rept and concatenate is used to determine all possible combinations 2 columns can combine with each other

  3. This is done multiple times on the derived columns (because I don't know how to do 6 columns at the same time) and the result looks something like this. Yea I know it is a mess which is why I hid those columns

  4. Once that is done, I used the split function once again to split the combined cell by their spacings which spills over to the other columns like this

  5. Finally, I set up columns a normal weapon would have like damage… etc and do a check function to see if the stat derived in step 4 matches the column header. If it does, the value it's attached to is added to the cell like this

With that, we basically set up how the "perks" are calculated. It is worth noting that I placed the hero and support stats under the calculations in step 5 as well just to make it easier on the final formula. Now, we move onto the final formula for calculating damage per shot. This is similar to our old formula except that

  1. I changed the headshot formula as a final multiplier because that's how it is calculated right now

  2. Critical rating suffers from diminishing returns which is calculated and added onto the base critical chance of the weapon

Once I have that, I simply populated the entire damage/shot row with the formula and added conditional formating to highlight the highest value in green, indicating that it is the "best" combination of perks.

How you can use it

This section will tell you the step-by-step guide to using the calculator even if you are completely new to spreadsheets.

  1. You need to make a copy of the spreadsheet by using the direct copy link. This will give you your own copy of it and let you edit

  2. Go over to the "TempCalc" tab by scrolling the bottom bar like this (Think of it as scrolling through your internet tabs)

  3. Once on the tab, you will see this table on your top left. Change both the name and values according to the perks available on your weapon for the respective slots. Remember to follow the conventions used like "DMG" instead of "Damage". The default values should be correct so you don't really have to change it if you don't know what you are doing

  4. Next, scroll to the right until you get to the columns "AE" and "AF". Once there, you will see this table. As indicated, only edit the values that are highlighted red. This includes typing your weapon name and factoring in your headshot accuracy. You can also change the hero and support but that's optional (just leave none)

and that's it. Simply look over to the 2 columns on the right namely "DMG/ SHOT" and "DPS" and you should see the highest values highlighted in green as seen here. Then, simply refer to the left side for the perk combination which in this case would be

Damage / Magazine / Physical / Headshot / Damage / Damage

The Observations

For the truly lazy ones out there, here are the results I got running some common weapons from each category. Do note that it is impossible for me to cover all the permutations and I leave it up to you guys to try it out with the hero and support you want. However for starters

  • DMG/MAG/PHY/HS/DMG/DMG gives the most damage/shot to Siegebreaker (both with and w/o MGR support)
  • RATE/MAG/PHY/HS/DMG/DMG gives the most damage per second to Siegebreaker
  • CRIT RATING/MAG/PHY/HS/DMG/DMG gives the most if your support was Warlord

The examples shown were made assuming 100% headshot accuracy. The "magic number" is at 68% headshot accuracy where the setup CRIT/MAG/PHY/CRITD/DMG/DMG overtakes the headshot+damage variant. Let's move on to look at Shotguns. Before we go in, shotguns are a little more interesting because Raider is a thing and most shotgun users run her both in hero and support (so we will assume that)

  • CRITD/MAG/PHY/HS/DMG/DMG gives the most damage/shot to Tigerjaw
  • RATE/MAG/PHY/HS/DMG/DMG gives the highest damage per second to Tigerjaw
  • Interestingly for the Longarm Enforcer (highest headshot shotgun), the first setup above is both the highest damage/shot and damage per second

Once again, we are brought to the question… what's the magic number for headshots in this case? This was at 56% headshot accuracy where you would be better off running CRIT/MAG/PHY/CRITD/DMG/DMG rather than with the headshot perk.

I'm not going to look into the sniper/ pistol combinations so you will have to find those out for yourselves

The Conclusion

As you the see, the "best" combination in general is usually


if you can land > 70% headshots. In fact, I would prefer this setup in most situations because damage is consistent and would let you one-shot the regular husks consistently (as opposed to having to deal with situations where you don't crit and need to push 2 bullets in). However if you are running Shotguns/ Pistol where you can easily get more critical damage / critical rating in support,


would net your more damage assuming > 56% headshot. While it is very do-able on Pistols, I wouldn't really bank my shotguns on that so I'd recommend getting damage instead of headshot for Shotguns. Overall, I feel that the game is a lot more balanced and all perks feel meaningful enough with the correct loadout. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and as always, hope someone finds this helpful. Also, feel free to point out any errors with the formula

TL;DR DMG/MAG/PHY(ELE)/HS/DMG/DMG (for general weapons) OR CRIT(CRITD)/MAG/PHY(ELE)/HS/DMG/DMG for weapons that scale off critical support/heroes. If you land < 70%~ headshots, replace HS slot with DMG

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