Perk Conversion Concept (a new way to use your Research Points by converting them to perk resources)

FortniteBattleRoyale8 - Perk Conversion Concept (a new way to use your Research Points by converting them to perk resources)

This is my first concept post about converting research points into perk resources and what it may look like in this visual UI Design.

Perk Conversion is a feature that allows you to convert Research Points into various perk resources such as Re-Perk, Perk-Up, and Elemental Perk-up. This feature is unlocked when you complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2 and gives you another way to spend them. You are limited to converting your points to Re-Perk, Uncommon Perk-Up, and Elemental Perk-Ups at Plankerton, when you unlock later zones such as Canny Valley and Twine Peaks, you can be able to convert to higher rarity Perk-Ups at the cost of more research points.

Re-Perk and can be converted into Perk-Up or Elemental Perk-up, and Perk-up can be upgraded/downgraded into different rarity Perk-Ups.

Elemental Perk-Up can be changed to another elemental perk-up at the cost of 1 Re-Perk per unit, and Elemental Perk-Up can be converted to Re-Perk for the same ratio as converting Re-Perk to Elemental Perk-Up.

This feature can be useful when you have excess amounts of Research Points, or have no other way to spend your Research Points after maxing out your Research, and can be used for conversion of perk resources.

To convert the item you want to be converted, click and drag the slider to choose the amount of the units you want to convert or type in any number in the Target Amount tab.

After choosing the amount of units you want to convert, you will be given a confirmation screen whether you want to convert your units or not.

Core Re-Perk cannot be obtained by perk conversion or be converted.


Conversion Ratios

Research Point ConversionsRe-Perk ConversionsPerk-Up Conversions (Upgrade)Perk-Up Conversions (Downgrade)Elemental Perk-Up Conversions
Research Point to Re-Perk: 5:1Re-Perk to Uncommon Perk-Up: 1:2Uncommon Perk-Up to Rare Perk-Up: 20:15Legendary Perk-Up to Epic Perk-Up: 345:450Elemental Perk-Up to Re-Perk: 2:3
Research Point to Uncommon Perk-Up: 5:1Re-Perk to Rare Perk-Up: 1:1Rare Perk-Up to Epic Perk-Up: 300:225Epic Perk-Up to Rare Perk-Up: 225: 300Elemental Perk-Up to Elemental Perk-Up: 1:1 (Requires 1 Re-Perk per unit to change Elemental Perk-Up)
Research Point to Rare Perk-Up: 7:1Re-Perk to Epic Perk-Up: 2:1Epic Perk-Up to Legendary Perk-Up: 450:345Rare Perk-Up to Uncommon Perk-Up: 15:20
Research Point to Epic Perk-Up: 10:1Re-Perk to Legendary Perk-Up: 3:1
Research Point to Legendary Perk-Up: 17.5:1Re-Perk to Elemental Perk-Up: 2:3

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