[Perk Recombobulator] The Hopes of a the Founder

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Dear to upgrade the rarity of schematics


Both of these changes (for obvious reasons) offer a significant overall 'quality of life/enjoyment' improvement over the systems they will be replacing.

I'm going to take up your offer and make some requests (and voice some concerns) that I'm fairly certain will apply to many Founders (or at least those Founders who supported the game above the Deluxe Edition).


Request (if not already implemented)

  • Let us upgrade the 'Founder' schematics for the class specific weapons.
  • Let us 're-perk' these schematics (not lock the perks to their current perk sets)


It goes without saying that as much as we enjoy having Rare/Epic/Legendary versions of the Founder's (Deconstructor, Drumroll, Masamune, Quickshot) once the Legendary versions were unlocked via the quests the lower rarity versions became more or less redundant. There was very little reason (even from a material cost perspective) to invest in or care about the lower rarity schematics. The inability to recycle these schematics also means that any invested experience and evolution materials (in addition to inventory slots) are locked and unavailable to the player.


Being able to invest our time and effort into improving these schematics, to create and turn them into the items we want them to be would make them all the more special to the Founder's who have them.



Concern (Ultimate Edition: Epic Transformation Keys)



With the implementation of the 'rarity upgrades' for both Heroes and Schematics the value of the Epic Transformation Keys has been significantly eroded. Once upon a time, having access to these keys allowed (the Founders) to progress and develop their character. With the introduction of the new systems the value, benefit and need for these keys has more or less been eliminated. A player (if they're willing to invest the time and materials) can effectively take any hero/schematic they so desire and convert them to legendary quality.

  • For what reason would a player use a transformation key which requires 5 items of the lower rarity to 'randomly' generate a new item of the next rarity level if they could just directly 'promote' between rarities?
  • Are there any scenarios remaining where using the transformation keys would actually be more cost/time effective than the newer systems in place?

We are all grateful for the continued development of 'Save the World'. The game itself (and the advancement mechanisms) are superior to those present in the game at Early Access Launch. We've all been together on this development journey offering and learning from feedback along the way, it's just hard to not feel like things are being taken by one hand in order to receive things from the other.

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