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Hey guys, Whitesushi here with a post explaining how I think the perk reroll system is going to work. This include a lot of speculations based off the developers' blog post so it isn't going to be 100% accurate. That said, I hope this will help the people out there who are confused reading about the reroll system understand it just a little better.

1. Introducing the Perk Recombobulator

The blog post starts off introducing us to how the system can be unlocked, specifically

when you complete Plankerton Storm Shield Defense 2. At that point, a sequence of two side-quests will become available that, upon completion, reward you with a large number of brand new resources to use in the Perk Recombobulator

You also need to complete 2 side quests before you gain access to it so don't get confused when you don't immediately see the option available after the patch. We skip ahead to the part on RE-PERK! and PERK-UP which are essentially the 2 systems put into place with regards to re-rolls. They are

  • The ability to re-roll your perks to a different one
  • The ability to upgrade your perks to a different tier

According to the post, you obtain them starting from Plankerton. It isn't clear whether or not both the RE-PERK and PERK-UP will be available in all the other sources as quoted

These will appear in mission rewards, mission alert rewards, repeatable quests, and the event store for the duration of the Blockbuster Event.

since "these" is fairly vague here and could refer specifically to the later (PERK-UP). However if I were to make an educated guess, I would safely assume that

  • RE-PERK will be available from all missions just like schematic xp, survivor xp etc
  • PERK-UP will be available from some missions and work like rain drops etc (those rarer resources)

These system would also fall pretty similarly in-line with how rain drop and friends show up in our event stores

2. How does the system work?

We start off by examining RE-PERK. Notably, there's a line that states

With these benefits come one big restriction: each perk slot on an item is limited in which perks it can actually contain

This is an immediate red flag and we should already guess that yes….

  • 4 x %damage rolls is likely not possible
  • Perfect 2x crit chance + 2x crit damage rolls are likely not possible

However, all hope isn't lost. If we look at the Clipper shown in the blog post, we can see that we can at least have 3 damage specific perks in the case of those %damage, %critical rating and %damage to conditional perks. This leads me to think of some possible restrictions being

  1. One of the slot is dedicated to a non-damage perk (magazine size, fire rate, reload) etc OR you can't roll damage perks on that slot
  2. %Damage to conditional can only be rolled on the 5th slot (Makes sense since it is strong but not easily made use of by players who are low level using low weapons so they put it at level 25)
  3. Adding onto the above point, you can only roll 1 %damage to conditional (Since it is easy to stack if you are rolling your weapons properly and having it limited would put power level in check)
  4. There is 6 slots now (this is pretty obvious since the weapon in the image is an Epic weapon meaning a legendary would have 1 more slot). There's also the fact that on level 15 you unlock 2 perks so… yea
  5. With regards to the point above, the 6th slot is likely locked for "special" perks, those %damage while aiming down sights and stuff since they no longer share a slot with element. Having it work this way will also make sense with regards to quote

Some perks cannot be changed at all!

So far, that's all the possible restrictions I can think off based on the image given as well as the fact that there will be restrictions. Moving on, we want to examine PERK-UP. Right now (before perk rerolls), %damage to slowed and snared targets only go up to 30% and is a legendary slot. In other words, the current tiers are

  • %Damage to Afflicted 15% (Common) / 22.5% (Rare) / 30% (Legendary)

If we then examine the Clipper, we see that the new legendary perk goes up to 45%, meaning the new tiers look something like

  • %Damage to Afflicted 15% (Common) / 22.5% (Uncommon) / 30% (Rare) / 37.5% (Epic) / 45% (Legendary)

In other words, we can assume that

  • All other perks are going to follow the same pattern when expanded to fit the new tiers (i.e %Damage will run from 10% to 30%, nerfed %Crit Chance will run from 10% to 30%, Reload will run from 25% to 75% etc)

We also know from the quote

if you want your Legacy item to reach its full potential, you’ll want to convert it to work with the Perk Recombobulator!

that our current weapons won't get bumped up to the new levels which means they are going to be inherently at least 40% weaker than new weapons (more math on this later)

3. Legacy Weapons

The statement many of you are most concerned with is probably when the blog stated

In some cases, there will be no change, and in others the perk loadout may be altered


From what I understand, the change made will be to fit your current weapon into the restrictions they have setup. If you want to know more about what some possible restrictions are, scroll to section above where I talked about PERK-UP. Either way, some possible changes will be

  • Non-elemental weapons will get an element roll in the level 15 slot while Elemental weapons will get an additional slot (that's what they mean by 'Free' slot)
  • Your level 25 slot might be re-rolled into a 'special' perk (those %damage while aiming down sights etc)
  • Some existing damage/crit rolls might be rerolled into other less desirable stuff

I mean, there isn't really much to be said about this without diving into the math of it so let's do just that. Let's assume I have a god-rolled Siegebreaker with 5 %damage perks. In total, this weapon will have 95% damage. After converting the legacy weapon to fit in the Recombobulator, I could be presented a weapon with options such as

  • 15% damage
  • 50% reload speed
  • 32% damage physical
  • 20% damage
  • 45% damage to Afflicted
  • 30% damage while aiming down sights

Just at a glance, we notice that is 142% damage, 97% damage assuming you can't apply affliction. Next, we know that we can upgrade the perks to make our weapon look something like

  • 30% damage
  • 75% reload speed
  • 32% damage physical
  • 30% damage
  • 45% damage to afflicted
  • POSSIBLY MORE 30% damage while aiming down sights (since it doesn't make sense for your regular %damage perk to beat out a 'special' perk)

which totals up to be about 167% damage, 122% damage without affliction. In other words, most legacy weapons should get a huge buff going into the new system. I mean, you literally squeeze out

  • 40% more stats per perk
  • Get an additional slot for where the element used to be

which should easily offset most of your godly perk compositions of before.

4. Some interesting food-for-thought

As a follow up to the 3rd section on legacy weapons, I wanted to look a bit deeper into weapons with perfect crit chance and crit damage setup. Assuming I had a weapon with

  • 21% Crit Chance
  • 28% Crit Chance
  • 28% Crit Chance
  • 90% Crit Damage
  • 90% Crit Damage

After the recombobulator, this weapon will likely be (when maxed rarity)

  • 30% Crit Chance
  • Some random useless perk (lol I kid but it's going to be something I don't care)
  • 32% Damage Physical
  • 30% Crit Chance
  • 135% Crit Damage
  • Likely not crit either so let's assuming 30% damage while aiming down sights

If we compare the 2 weapons in my DPS calculator, the later would do 29.30% more damage per shot than the former (and that's not counting the "random useless perk" which would boost the DPS further). Even if we were to re-roll one of the crit chance to "another useless perk", the second weapon would still win by 2.75%. In short, I think almost all new weapons are going to be better than legacy weapons based on these very limited calculations

Another thought I had looking at the screenshots, particularly the one with perk rerolls showing is how there are only 4 replacements. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence that there are only 4 perks and they fit perfectly such that there isn't a scroll-bar on the right, or it is made in such a way that we only get 4 perks as an option even when re-rolling the generic perks. If it's the later, it could possibly be like the system in Diablo 3 where we randomly get X number of options everytime we re-roll and we may have to waste resources re-rolling for the sake of getting the option we want.

It is also worth noting that since perks are no longer an issue when looking at weapons (well we can re-roll those right), the weapon itself is going to play a much bigger role in min-maxing going forward. This could be the base stats on the weapon or just the type of weapon be it a Siegebreaker or a Terminator. That definitely opens up more diversity in weapon choices for the general crowd but stifles choices toward the min-maxing end of things.

Last but not least looking at this image, does the "Increase Rarity" option mean we are going to be able to increase the rarity of our weapons or is it just for the perks itself. I mean it's kind of weird that increasing perk rarity isn't classified under "Modify Perks" which leads to my assumption being possible.


Perk re-rolls isn't out yet. I am no tester or anything so everything in this post is pure speculations. Although, I would daresay that the assumptions wouldn't be too far off considering how Epic Games left plenty of evidence and hints throughout their blog post.

What do you guys think about the points I brought up? Do you guys notice something I didn't? Feel free to let me know in the comments and we could have a discussion about it. Once again, thanks for reading through my post. Also… can't think of a good TL;DR for this so I'll just say

TL;DR Re-rolling your legacy weapons should (most likely) end up making it better given what limited information we have

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