PERK-UP / RE-PERK from recycling unused schematics

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Currently I feel like RE-PERK and PERK-UP are a little overtuned, not by too much, but as someone who likes playing several different classes with different weapon types, i am a bit overwhelmed by the thought of needing to farm ~20-30 thousand RE-PERK. And that is just when looking at weapons and not traps.

Especially when in the past 4 days of playing quite a bit I have only got ~1.5K. However i am not actively farming it because I will just burn out if i just run camps over and over and over to kill mist monsters.

What i would really like is to get a bit of RE-PERK and PERK-UP when Recycling a schematic. Not returning materials I have put in to one, but a fresh untouched schematic.

Each schematic would give some re-perk and perk-up based on the quality of the schematic.

  • Common

    • 15 RE-PERK
  • Uncommon

    • 20 RE-PERK
    • 20 Uncommon PERK-UP
  • Rare

    • 25 RE-PERK
    • 25 Rare PERK-UP
  • Epic

    • 30 RE-PERK
    • 30 Epic PERK-UP
  • Legendary

    • 35 PERK-UP
    • 35 Legendary PERK-UP

Then if that schematic has an element on it, it could also give some AMP-UP of that elements type.

I feel like currently I have a lot of schematics that I have nothing to do with other than recycle for schematic xp, which while useful, seems like a massive waste.

Schematics in general have become slightly more lackluster because of the RE-PERK system, because even getting a god rolled weapon doesnt mean it is any good, I still have to dump hundreds/thousands of materials in to max it out and when a lot of that is locked behind low level content.

It would be nice to have another outlet to gather it, and make some aspects of the game a little more useful:

  • Llamas are a less interesting as i have the weapons i want to use, it will just take time before they are "complete". I am extremely unlikely to get an improvement from my current schematics in a Llama, so why bother

  • Mini-Boss Schematic Caches are mostly blue, and so just get recycled anyway

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