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, not even 10 hours passed and we already have negative ranter here!!!"

I'm sorry guys I really am! I know for alot of you this is day of celebration as we received something cool and amazing… And yet, here I am, daring to state my 'dissapointmentness' onto you. This is somewhat important to me.. In a way. Before you (hopefully) start reading, Just FYI: Long post, quite many sentences, lots of words and even more letters. If you like rants, then have a read. if you love new perk recocombo, then you might not be too happy with my thread. You can skip to the last paragraph. Anyways, You have been warned.

First and foremost, I'll even bold it out:

This is NOT about new weapons damage being inferior.

Whitesushi already made some quick voodoo-math and guessed that new (maxed out) weapons should be stronger than most of their legacy counterparts by about 30%. I believe him on that. New perk system does show that weapon will turn out with better DPS. Dunno how much exactly, but if the word "overpowered" turns you on, then you'll be very happy.

My dissapointment comes from the invisible cage that has been laid on us in form of this new perk system. We, as players lost quite a decent chunk of freedom that RNG gave us. I hoped that perk reroll would actually embrace the RNG and let us personalize our weapons to greater extend, yet in fact this system will force majority of players to create exactly the same copies of weapons.

Damage – Magazine/durability – Damage – Conditional – Element – last RNG perk ( in most cases: affliction).

We are being chained to this artifical freedom where I start to wonder… What is the point of RNG and perks if we all will be trying to get exactly the same setup on every gun. In my earlier post I called it "default strongest state". Why? Because that's the state we'll all try to go for and it will be default, as there will be hardly any RNG included beyond 6th perk.

This makes whole min-maxing aspect of the game out through window. What's more we'll have even less of a need to try weapons outside of the strongest ones. Cause why bother? Not only one needs lots of grind to max the weapon, you also need INSANE GRIND to max the perks on the weapon. Who'd bother to try weapons worse by design? Yeah I know there will be like 5-10% of weirdos who'd scream "me-me-me", but in reality, majority of players will run with exactly the same (minus 6th RNG perk) scarrs on soldiers. I myself prepared 4 best ARs and super shredder for this day, so I am damn sure I'll never ever bother using anything else once I max those 4 said weapons.

Expectations versus reality

Okay, I said I'm dissapointed, right? Which means I also had some expectations. Wanna know what? I really hoped Epic would allow us to go wild with the weirdest weapons we can imagine:

  • 4x different elements + damage perk

  • 5x magazine size perks

  • 5x crit chance perks

  • 5x damage perks

  • 5x Firerate perks

Yeah i know most of people would jump at 5x damage and call it a day. But then I expected than rather than diminishing returns on the same perks (crit rating ftl), the price to level up those perks would skyrocket.

. Or for min-maxing to be even deeper where overabundance of 1 stat, would cause other stats to decrease..

I can already hear "ARE YOU CRAZY?!" as some would say. How would I want people to have so powerfull weapons. Well. If they are expensive to get and we are still only PVE, then grind should be rewarded. especially if whole premise of the game is constant race of powercreeping.


I just expected that we'd get tools to personalize weapons to the N'th level and beyond. That perk recococombo would add to the uniqueness, than take it from us.

I do understand that even old-RNG system had its flaws and limits on perk rarity etc. It surely was harsh and even I don't want it back. But Damn me, this could have been "it". The perfect minamxing for everyone to enjoy on different levels.

I also do understand that old RNG might have only felt like you get unique weapon, while perks on those were set up in pretty limited way. Where most of them were bad or bearable. But back then as important PERKS were, the setup in which they were served to us wasn't so. So even if we were as limited as we are now, it didn't feel that way as that aspect wasn't crucial. Now, when perk-rerolling is a thing, that everyone can use, the perk-feature was brought in to the light and it just doesn't look all cool.

Epic grind

Overall I don't mind grinding. From the first looks of it, We'll have to play "quite a few games" to max our perks. Not a big issue. yet another layer of grind added on top of the grind. First grind for exp, then evolution materials and lastly for perks. It kinda sounds bad if you think about it… But, that's only like 30~40 games per 1 perk.. Manageable, maybe e even alot less missions if you find good farming spot like 4-man 1-atlas with only PERK-UP as reward.

Still though, I doubt anyone at Epic noticed that those layers of grind effectively make us reluctant to try new weapons. It will take some time untill they realize their co*kup and I am sure we'll get either apology and buff to PERK-related resources, or Epic will just add some bullshit rewards from events that will cover that glaring hole.

Either way, good thing this feature is in no way connected with vbucks. Kudos on that 🙂

Critical chance rating, although I cannot say it became totally useless or garabge stat, it definitely stoped being a stat one would try to max. yet another low blow to players min-max freedom. Btw couldn't we really keep the old "critical chance" name? Sigh… "Rating" sounds worse.

Traps. Well Those took this change rather fine. Maybe I'll keep few legacy traps with 2-3 crit chance perks, cause obviously, they are superior. But other than that, yeah it's fine. The 6th "weird" perk sucks pretty much. I can see devs trying to add something fresh and "deep" into the game, but those perks overall blow, especially when one considers how powercreeped husks are on max level. But, hopefully devs won't stop on only 3 weird perks and soon we'll see more of those. Hopefully.

Weapons will be stronger, but they lose their spark of originality that RNG gave us.

Everyone will run with super shredders/scarrs with exactly the same "default strongest setup"

One-trick crit-chance pony characters can be taken out of equation, unless player was smart enough to not transform their crit-chance weapons

Traps are OK'ish. Noone will bother to use them anyways 😐

It's a great upgrade for the weapons power, but huge downgrade for diversity.

Thanks for reading. Have fun trying new feature and maxing your new weapons and perks. I hope they'll be as strong as yuor will to play! Oh also, once again, sorry about rant.

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