Permanently left in the dark

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I've played STW since day 1, buying the premium package the moment I noticed it was open to all. And this game was a blast.

Now marketing and lack of any knowledge of what's going to get spoon fed down my throat is so miserable. It seems, the "team" if you can call it that even though it's practically 2 people working on QoL changes to this boring PvE experience.

I loved the updates and crazy things that occured prior to BR's popularity, the halloween update was a blast and it brought so much to the table, now it's just these really lacklaster trash tier missions that I could care less about, this blockbuster one, the final mission was "place 4 signals" which took around a minute and a half like holy shit what is this.

Nothing is happening, every update is useless QoL that should of been in the game day 1. And the idea that StW was meant to be released early 2018 is out the window and I honestly don't see this game ever coming out of pre-alpha.

The missions suck, canney valley sucks, no storyline, constant missions that serve no lore like the 10 quests in a row that are basically "Complete 3 Ride the Lightning, or Fight the Storm missions". Canney hasn't been touched since they released this game, and I can't say I feel sorry for the people who pushed to twine as they somehow found this enjoyable.


I feel like epic has no care for this, and even in BR. It's just constantly adding of weapons which IMO makes the whole experience even worse as basically every addition makes the game more overpowered in a sense, and the constant vaulting of bad weapons completely contradicts the ruling of any battle royale game where some weapons are better than others, and serve their own use like the crossbow.

So, I'm not having fun, it def seems like the communities not having fun and the entire game is the trading of weapons that last 6 missions in chat. This is a joke, and I have no hope that this game evolves from this state as even if Epic made billions more off of Battle Royale, that they'd spend another $50 on StW. So thanks, I feel greatly supported for a game I spent money on that has been in pre-alpha for more than a year and a half even though the company who "works" on it, is a billion dollar one.

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