Person decided that it’s better to insult instead of asking to do something

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Hey guys, so I've been playing STW for about a week and a half now. Never really seen many of the things that goes on with griefing and such, but have seen afkers. All are bad on the scale of helping with missions and such.

So I was playing a mission in Stonewood, with a powerlevel of 19 so that I could get my transformers done. I see a couple of fireworks on the ground and naturally I go and set it off, but leave it on the ground so that the person who needs it would just come in and pick it up. Now, I only needed one of the envelops and so I took one and left the rest alone. In comes Kissker, leaving in the name since this person has reported me for not agreeing with her views.

Now, I for one am not a fan of name calling and such, but I can tolerate it. As soon as the person came into the lobby and joined in the map, the person immediately calls me an id*ot who cant pick up envelops. And I proceed to answer in a calm and collected way.

image of the conversation we had:

He continues with his reasoning. I understand where the person's coming from, but at the time it was just this person and me, and so it didn't seem like there would be any other mission indicators for both this person and I as I assume we're both past Stonewood.

Back to the conversation, He then continues to tell me how much of an id*ot I am for not collecting them and saving other people the time by collecting them myself. All I'm thinking at this point is that this is similar to a white knight, claiming hes doing it for others. Sure I'll let you do your thing, but don't try and force me to do something that I believe is a waste of time, especially when I'm trying to grind out the tickets and daily missions.

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The person then tells me that I'm going to be reported, and that it was an "ez report." Great, you could've ended the by not saying that and gone mute, fine. But saying it in chat, telling me that he's going to report me for something that I didn't want to do, or not agreeing with any of his name calling, yeah I'll be sure as hell that I'm going to ask what I did wrong.

convo pt3:

The person continues and tries to keep me as the bad guy and so I shrug it off and try to end it. Would have been perfect if the person had just stopped typing all together but no, he wanted to have the last word in. He then shames me for only being a power level of about 17. Now, I only started about a week and a half ago, with work and outings, I cant exactly put in the time to power level my power level. So at this point, I am fed up, he's called me an id*ot, and threatens to report me (or has done so), and brags of having more knowledge in a game I just had.

convo pt.4:

So, I know many people in this sub might not care about any of this, but it just blows my mind at how people can be like this. I'm usually just on a mission to complete missions, and not completely complain about a single thing. I don't know, if the report somehow gets me banned or timed out like in league, at least I have some picture evidence of how his report was edited to make it seem like he was in the complete right. But oh well.

Tl;dr: I joined a mission to complete my daily challenge, get my final ticket, and get the event tickets for the spring llama. Ended up being called an id*ot for not picking all of it up and proceeds to call me out on things that are irrelevant and waste of time to the mission that we were all 100% down to complete. Got reported, so I created this in case of myself being timed out or banned from STW

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