Phase Scout Jess needs a rework

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Phase Scout Jess.

Currently she has no place in the game aside from a meme tactical noone ever uses.

The other basic mythics all at least have somewhat of a place in the game:

Megabase is ok if you dont have heavybase

SM ken is ok if you have a sword and don't have harvester.

MGR is ok if you don't like playing outlander but still want an ability hero.

Jess is not ok.

There is no reason to play phase scout jess any more, her kit is focused on mobility… but everyone has a hoverboard and you can now mount while sprinting.

You could play her as a farmer, or you could just play the vastly superior striker ac and pathfinder.

You could play her as dps, oh wait no you couldn't she's quite literally the worst hero in the game dps wise.

So yeah the exclusive mythic rarity phase scout jess is dumpster tier… But all is not lost for this is a game that can be patched.

Here's my idea for how to fix phase scout jess.

She's already a Phase Shift one trick, so how about we keep that "soul" in tact but make phase shift less useless.

Level 5

Phase Runner

Phase Shift increases movement speed by 50% for 4 seconds.

It's garbage replace that shit with

Phase Implosion

Enemies within 1.5 tiles from the end of your phase shift get pulled towards you. (Hey look it actually synergizes with her shock tower.)

Level 8

Phased Out


Reduces the refill time of Phase Shift charges by 3 seconds.After phase shifting gain the ability to walk through husks for 2 seconds Oh shit not only does it synergize with the level 5 talent, it also works with the name of the talent.

Level 12

Phasic Energy

Phase Shift removes the energy cost of sprint for 4 seconds, Sprinting while the cost is reduced leaves a persistent trail of energy, damaging for XX damage, every 0.5 seconds, and slowing enemies by 30% caught within it for 3 seconds.

Read:  EPIC, seriously, do you even play your own game?

It's tail of the dragon, a shockingly (hehe) underutilised effect already in the game (it's on Skirmisher and Fleetfoot) also what do you know it synergizes with the level 5 and level 8 talents.

Level 15

Keen Eyes, it could be fixed

Level 18

Phase Forward

Increases the teleport distance of Phase Shift to 2.5 tiles, You can now phase through walls and terrain This one might break the game a bit but I'm open to suggestions on it

Level 25

Phased and Confused

Phase Shift has two additional charges. Phase Shift has four additional charges, the last two charges will go in a random direction This adds a little spice and risk reward to the class, you might phase into danger, your might phase off the map.

Thoughts? Ideas? Changes? Phase scout is shockingly bad right now so I kinda feel like any change would probably be a good one.

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