Pick up the Blunderbuss, it is a beast!!!

Fortnite Battle Royale Halloween 1024x576 - Pick up the Blunderbuss, it is a beast!!!

I made a Bundlebuss to the Super Shredder because they have the SAME range

The gun is out now and I still believe that the Super Shredder is the closest comp to use when examining the utility of the Bundlebuss. Comparing it to other ARs that uses light ammo is like comparing apples to oranges.

This gun is made for one-shotting mist monsters/fat husks or to shred smashers

On a side note, I really recommend this YT channel, dude has the funniest edits and pretty brief AND on-point videos (doesn't make you watch an entire mission).

  • Pay attention to the perk slots and what options there are. This gun has a base 15% crit chance and can roll Crit + DOUBLE Crit Dmg!!

  • Notice that it always fires an 8-bullet burst, but it's automatic so you can hold down left click.

  • The 8 shot burst has GREAT synergy with the last perk, meaning on any mobs that can withstand at least 1 shot (ie. more than 5 bullets out of the 8 bullets burst in 1 shot) from this gun, you are guaranteed to have an explosion triggered. In other words, when firing at high HP mobs like smashers you'll get explosion on every hit.

  • Planning to make mine +44% physical dmg, crit build, mag/reload (can't decide yet, need more testing on if actively aiming downwards while shooting can offset the recoil).

  • Again, SAME RANGE AS THE SUPER SHREDDER, one-shot misties killing machine.

  • And did I mention that you can get the +24% AR dmg support for this gun?

Ohhhhhh jizz in my pants.

Edit: Shit all these time I've been referring to the Bundlebuss as the Blunderbuss.

Edit 2: Just saw

on this weapon, looks like the 6th perk is bugged, the explosion is not causing dmg.. feelsbadman. Epic can you fix this? /u/Magyst

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