Pl 100’s view of missions.

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Build the Radar

  • can solo at any level

  • doesn’t require guns

  • can finish in a few minutes and then afk

  • lv 5 chest

Repair the Shelter

  • can solo at almost any level

  • hardly requires guns or spending material

  • can finish in a few min, afk, then come back and fight waves

  • wave defense is 4 minutes without direction-change against mini husks, flingers, and 2-3 propanes total. Even in a group 4-player mission.

  • can almost afk the full 4 min

  • lv 5 chest

Retrieve The Data / Evacuate The Shelter

  • long defenses

  • 3 different directional spawns and changes direction twice for a full 360 coverage

  • demands guns and spending material

  • spams smashers, lobbers of both kinds, propanes for up to 3 minutes, blasters, takers in high volumes

  • glitches and doesn’t tell you element half the time

  • retrieve the data requires perfect health for lv 4 chest, evac shelter gives lv 4 chest


Ride the Lightning

  • two wave defense, can change elements for second wave

  • spawns are everywhere, demands kill tunnels close to base

  • spams propane and smashers and purple lobbers and blasters and takers, demands kill tunnels far from base

  • only mission in game where you need a roof (you don’t need one for any other mission, except atlases)

  • needs a stupidly tall roof.

  • lobbers will spam from behind mountains, in a large circle around van, while propane approaches van

  • demands guns and spending material

  • can give as low as lv 3 chest if van takes 20% dmg

There’s a lot of other silly things with the game that get zero attention from the community. (Example, no hero actually uses clubs but no one complains, fire rate is faster on pc than console without fps as a factor, and more)

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